Saturday, April 21, 2018

RSC Saturday in yellow.

I finally have some yellow to show so I can link up with the other RSC quilters today!

I made three of the yellow blocks for the sampler this week!

Friday was a stressful day so I spent the afternoon sewing after picking up the kids from school. Emily and I got a couple of rows added to her triangle quilt.

Aidan got his out but got frustrated due to seam allowance - I need to do a little fixing and get him back on track Saturday.

I also have 12 of the graduation quilt blocks completed.

I thought I was in the mood for quilting in car line yesterday but instead grabbed the yarn and started a granny square afghan. I think I will continue to go around until it is the size I want. More colors may be added at some point.

The stress yesterday was lots of calls in the morning from our school district in Marion County with a shooting at one of the local high schools in Ocala - about 30 minutes from us. There are 5 in our area and the kids are slated for another one but have the option based on curriculum on where to go. All the schools were put on lock down in yellow or red for the rest of the day and a sheriff was dispatched to each school in the area. He was standing outside the doors to the elementary school when I went to car line for pick up at normal time. Sewing helped. I am just thankful for a wonderful plan in place that was followed and handled in 3 minutes to get the person in custody. Great job by all those involved to keep our kids safe.

 Emily's teacher left in the morning - she got a text then went to the bathroom quickly, came out and the kids knew she had been crying. She got them settled to their split class (a few go to each of the other teachers in the grade) then left for the day. Her son went to the high school and she obviously went to that area to find out about her son. She got a text from him mid morning and got to hug him finally around 1PM. This all happened around 8:40 in the morning. She was kind enough to send an e-mail to the class last night saying how brave the kids were and well behaved when she needed them to be and wanted to share that her son was ok and she will be back to her normal self on Monday. Such a great teacher we are blessed to have.

Now - off to a fun filled day this Saturday. The girl scouts will be earning their Save a Bee badge today at a local bee hive. I'm bringing supplies and the parents will determine if their kids do just the classroom or the classroom and hive. I'm bringing some benadryl and the ER/Quick care is 4 minutes up the road with a fire station 2 minutes away.
Have a wonderful Saturday and I'll see you at the linkup.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you sound prepared - benedryl and knowing where the ER is :) good to know that hope they won't be needed - have fun

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

My sister and family live in Ocala, and it sounded like a terribly stressful day. I'm so sorry when I hear of a community having to go through that, yet again. Glad you could de-stress with some sewing. Emily's triangle quilt looks great!

Mari said...

Gosh, how scary for everyone! I'm sos sorry that you had to deal with all that. Glad that the teacher's son is okay. Your yellow blocks look wonderful, by the way.

scraphappy said...

I was so sorry to hear about another school shooting. Such a sterifying situation for the kids. As a mom, I can’t imagine anything more helpless than waiting and hoping that my child comes out alive. Glad that this one wasn’t as serious as the last one.
Best of luck with the bees! Sounds like you are prepared for every possibility.


I am glad that no one was hurt badly and that they were able to find the student in quick order-but it is so scary to have kids in school these days--I am so out of the loop as my kids are adults and no grandkids and am sure there won't be any (kids are too old even-) but there is just violence everywhere these days--not just in our schools--!!!
and it sounds like you might need a glass of wine when you get home -- I love Bees--now--but used to be afraid of them--and do you know what the very best thing is for Bee stings?? Honey--yep--works everytime I use it often for healing all kinds of bites (like red ants--or infections)
enjoy, di

Laura said...

Your yellow blocks look great!
How frightening to have to experience these school shootings! I cannot imagine the trepidation parents face every day in sending their children to school! Or the teachers, either! It would take me a long time to de-stress from such an experience!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

All of your current projects look great / I am just dismayed about the school shootings and how nothing ever changes :( I can't fathom why people go on about the 2nd amendment as if it ever anticipated assault rifles etc.

The most we ever worried about when I was going to school was kids getting in to a fist fight :(

Angie said...

Sorry to hear about your stressful day Friday. I hope that's as close as that type of craziness ever gets to you!