Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday... Earth Day.

For earth day weekend - my girl scout troop learned about the importance of Bees and got to see a real bee hive and taste some honey directly from the comb! We all learned a lot and the girls were attentive, listened and asked and answered some great questions. That led Mr. Chappie to gift all of us with a bees wax lip balm and a little jar of honey from his bees!

I think we will be making a tin can hive for local bees in the near future to help the bee population.

Without bees - there would be a lot less crops and food for us. So - if you see a bee - leave them alone as they are working and really won't sting unless threatened. Also - if you are stung use your fingernail to flick it off quickly not pull it out. Pulling releases the poison and that stinger can wiggle in for a while.
Emily in her garb!

Some of my troop

Mr Chappie and a hive

Honey comb!

Today - Hubby is under the weather again - headache yesterday when we got home in the afternoon and we didn't see him again as he was sleeping the rest of the day. Not looking good today so I'm off to bring the kids to Grandma's then will swing to the girls scout store in Wildwood to get badges - sewing from their pillowcases and the save a bee badge from yesterday once we do our community service project and our bridging stuff for next month.

Once home..... I need to do a little weeding in the garden and plant the other half if it is not too hot out. Looking back at past posts - I am very late with the garden but we did have lots of frost in March in Florida this year. At least the beans, radish and some of the beets and swiss chard are up. The carrots should pop up soon and there are sprouts for the summer squash, watermelon and melon we are trying. I think we need some bees to help out the garden!

I need to throw a coat or two of the modpodge onto the girls flower pots they did last Monday for Mothers Day gifts. We'll plant some flower seeds that Mr. Chappy handed out to us yesterday in them. Hmmm one girl was not there and one I sent home with a Mom as she was under the weather. I have technically 16 girls... but 14 attend regularly.

I plan to sew a bit with the machine on the graduation quilt, and at some point add some slow stitching to either the pink Dresden plate,

the trip around the world quilt on the frame or

some crochet stitches into the new granny as you go afghan. I plan to just keep going around- maybe adding colors - until it is the size I want... or I get sick of it! It is actually 2 rounds bigger than this photo.

Or.... sit on the screened in porch and read a bit. We will see! 

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The Cozy Quilter said...

Looks like a fun and educational field trip for the girl guides. I used to be a leader. Love seeing your Dresden’s each week. How many are done now?