Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday progress....

Why does it seem like so little progress from yesterday? I finished making 72 half square triangles in white and blue. Then I trimmed all of them (72+72) to be 3 inches. Yup - that took forever! Then it was sewing them together and I still need to press those units. I had a few more minutes before the roast was ready... so I cut my 6 strips each of white and teal and sewed them together.  Of course I ran out of bobbin thread half way through so that got a clean out and rewind as well. (OMG - the roast came out awesome! I got a 6.3 pound choice rib roast - aka prime rib at Aldi for $5.42 a pound Saturday. It was marked down with $10 off at register to move it and with a 15 minute start on high 450 then 325 for 2 hours and yummy, yummy, yummy)

I just have to press the hst units, then press and cut the strips and then sew them all together to make my 18 blocks. Then the other block should go quickly as there is no HST's to make or trim down. My goal is still to get this top completed - either as a top or quilted too by the end of the month - but we are halfway gone so I'm really shooting for the top completed. I do have all of May to quilt it!


  1. that was a very good price on that beef! I'm always looking for a good meat sale like you.
    sounds like you got a lot of sewing done to me

  2. It never fails to take longer than anticipated to make a zillion units :) It is satisfying to check off a step though. You made my mouth water with that beef roast description. Need some beef now...