Friday, August 31, 2018

August checking in to see how I did... and Sept goals!

Hmmm.... looks like I made progress at the beginning of the month. Lets see what was on the list.
1.)  Finish the binding on Scrappy Houses quilt. Finished this on Aug 2!
2.)  Make and attach binding to Dresden Plate Quilt - done Aug 5!
3.) Make a backing and pin baby hearts for quilting - currently hand quilting 29 of 63 blocks done.
4.) Midget Applique quilt - no progress.... still in drawer.
5.) Green Tumblers hand piecing - 8 rows are all sewn together as 1/2 the quilt top done, another 4 rows are completed and need to get added to it. 4 rows to go!
6.) Assemble BITA blocks - nope -still sitting in their box.
7.) Work on Emily's triangle quilt - nope.
8.) help Aidan with his quilt - nope.

The start of school and all that craziness happened mid month. That included a pre school day trip to Weeki Watchi springs for fun. A girl scout recruitment event and my troop meeting starting again - we have had 2 so far.
I expect next month to be a wee bit crazy - one business travel week home to Vermont and cooler weather I hope! A big ty to hubby who will leave work early that week to pick up kids from school  including an early release day at noon so I don't have to get a sitter to pick them up and stay with until 6PM when he normally gets home. 2 deadlines at work Oct 1, and normal kid activities including checking homework this year.
Oh, the fridge also got defrosted Wednesday night and one of the ice makers is working again... just not the one in the door! I did finally figure out how to get the water working again yesterday afternoon. The pantry also got organized and sorted, as well as 4 cabinets in the kitchen. Unfortunately it has been raining with thunder each evening this week.... so no nightly walk or hitting my steps goal. Hopefully the weather pattern changes next week, I like my evening walk!

Goals for September.... Survive! Just kidding!
1.) Finish hand quilting the baby hearts.
2.) Finish the last 4 rows of the tumbler quilt and attach it all into a top.
3.) Start making star blocks out of the 16 patches from the RSC Challenge. 2 sets - one in tan and one in black for backgrounds.
4.) Make the Squared Away RSC challenge blocks for Sept, and the pink ones too!
5.) Maybe bring yarn with and start a crochet granny continuous square afghan to use up some caron yarns I have in blues, cream and grey.

We will see how I do at the end of September!


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

You had a very busy August, but still got lots done! Here's to a productive and fun September :) xx

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

I stopped making list, I am not as fast or prolific quilter as I once was. Now it's just fitting in some stitching when I can and just enjoy.

Moneik said...

You've been productive! August is always a super busy month for me at work, so I look forward to a slower Sept.