Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Years Day sewing....

Lots of progress on the sewing front. Does that mean I will have a good year of crafting? Time will tell.

 I officially finished the binding on the Baby Hearts quilt on New Years Eve. Emily needs to tack down the label triangle, a quick check of the applique then a wash and dry before shipping off to it's owner..... who was born last July! Just a wee bit late! Sorry Ari.

 New Years Day - I finished the binding on the 16 patch quilt. Peanut was scared of all the fireworks on Monday night and decided he needed to be on my chest for comfort so no stitching on my movie marathon. Ollie was with Greg. Sophie....she just goes with the flow and sleeps through it all!

 I got 2 sides of Emily's binding stitched while watching a movie with them once they got home yesterday afternoon.
For the machine...... After unpicking a bunch of wrong parts on NYE, I got all 16 blocks of Aidan's quilt sewn together! Woo Hoo! I hear we will get a little more progress in today after I finish working at 1:30 while Emily is off to a play date. We will have a couple of hours before his guitar lesson to make the sashing parts and start putting it together.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog and have never posted before. Thanks for your fun posts! I'm posting now because I was looking at the grey, orange, and blue block and think I found a little mistake. I don't know if you want to fix it -- but the top four patch in the lower left corner seems to be turned the wrong way. Good luck, this is shaping up to be a beautiful quilt!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have gotten a lot done - happy new year - too bad the cat decided to be such a baby and you couldn't get any work done!

Deb A said...

Thank you! I had noticed it when I posted the photo to a FB quilt group and have checked all 16. That was the only mistake thank goodness! The boy gets to pick it out this morning while I am working.