Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Hand piecing curves????

Ok, I know I need to finish up a project (or 3!) first... but I am thinking ahead to a new hand piecing project. I am tempted to try curves... hey, if you are going to hand piece you might as well make it interesting.... right?

Apple Core Quilts..... should I or shouldn't I?

I found this link of how to make your own template.

Hmmmm then what colors..... I'd want to do a bigger one so the curve was easier....

I'm sick of green....the tumbler quilt last year and the log cabin earlier...

Not sure there is enough of the Kansas Troubles Fabrics.... have to go check out that drawer. That would make a pretty quilt.

There is always lots of blues hanging out on the wall....

There is also the drunkards path as well. Hmmmmm. The apple core is appealing more (sorry for that pun!)

I'll keep thinking while I finish up those other 3 projects.....


  1. I made small apple cores a few years back and instead of a small quilt it ended up being a table mat - tiny - I decided I hated sewing those pieces - I did them by hand and I think they were 2.5 inch?

  2. Uhhh, good luck--I am mad at curves just now...hugs, Julierose

  3. I have the die for my Go Cutter. I thought some day I would make scrap quilts and could cut lots of random colours.

  4. I have a friend who made an Apple Core quilt. LOVE it!!! With a large template, I feel confident that you won't have any problem sewing those curves.

  5. Oh dear I've been looking at apple core quilts too. I'd go with the Joyful Quilter's suggestion of a large template but I'm not ready to start another hand-piecing project just yet.