Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday Umbrella....

I know, it is orange but I needed one more to finish up last months color. I guess I'll get right to work on a blue one since I am on guinea pig supervision duty while Aidan is finally cleaning the cage.

Funny shaped umbrella.... lets pretend it is windy! Flower and Jimmy Jr in the guinea play area ... and yes, they are both boys!

Sophie is about 2 feet from the cage, watching.......
Edited..... got the first dark blue umbrella done - last weeks block.



Boy with all these delightful umbrella's you are ready for all the rain that comes your way!!!
Hum--guinea pig duty--that is a new one--how much do you get paid and does he pay you by the hour ????
and does Sophie get paid for guarding them too???????
luv, di

a good yarn said...

They are darn cute those umbrellas . . . and the guinea pigs too.