Sunday, August 11, 2019

Crazy Sunday...

How is it noon already? It was a lazy morning but it is time to start getting things done. Kids are off to Grandma's for the day. I have the last minute day before school things to do - shopping for lunch and breakfast things and picking up a few things for the class rooms I have not gotten yet.

My main goal - get the final floor swept, mopped and laid down this afternoon. I want to be able to 'move in' to the new sewing room and get everything put back from my office and bedroom where they have been stored for the last month. I figure it will take me this week to get that all organized and workable.

As it is the starting week of school - that means lots of car line time for me. 2 car lines this year as the kids are in different schools. I see lots of time in my vehicle in my future!

There is the dish cloth to finish.

Some scrubby yarn ready to make some round scrubbies.... once I find my crochet hook!

Badges to stitch onto Emily's vest before next Monday... I think this one will have to go to the top of the list with a deadline!

Embroidery - I am going to embroider that flower from the first block of Happy Little Things. I drew it on with pencil and have the hoop. Just need to pull some embroidery floss.

Umbrella blocks - I have one pink to go and will need 2 light blues come Tuesday. With 2 car lines to work on them I will be able to get right back on track with them.

I fear I will 'find' other things to distract me as I put my sewing room back in order and go through things... but this will be what I concentrate on this week in any down time I have. Must find that squeeze ball for my hand with all the first week paperwork that comes home to be filled out. I swear - the parents have all the homework the first few days of school!

I am finding I really need to get back to concentrating on making some hand work time every day again. It relaxes me and I really need that with the crazy school starting up time of year. I think that is why I look forward to the car line waits.... it 'forces' me to have a good 20 minutes of time to sit in quiet and stitch and regroup before the kids get in the car. Now I'll have that times 2! Must make sure the busy bag is packed and ready to go by the door.

Linking up with Kathy and the other slow stitchers today. Head on over and see what fun handwork is being stitched all over the world this week.


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Hard to believe it's time for school to start again already! Looks like you have lots of good ideas for things to work on in the car line. Enjoy that stitching time!

Lisa J. said...

Good luck with your embroidery. It looks like you have busy days ahead.


Looks like you have some nice projects all lined up--
I got a skein of that scrubby yarn a couple weeks ago on clearance at Walmart for $1.50--I got 6 knitted scrubby's from it--neat gifts!!
so have fun in the wait lines and stitching--
luv, di

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Didn't realize there was scrubby yarn to make scrubbies! Can't wait to see yours

Gretchen Weaver said...

The car time can be put to good use. It's amazing what 20 minutes here and there can amount to. Happy Stitching!

Jill said...

Keep us posted on the scrubbies. I've some of that yarn in my stash for the purpose of making a scrubby and have not yet used it. Stitching can be done in car lines. You may begin to look forward to it.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hand work is my favourite stitching. I'm intrigued by your car waiting stitching plan. It reminds me of the stitching I did years ago waiting for my girls in their music lessons.Fond memories.

canuckquilter said...

I've been absent for a while and missed progress on your new sewing room. How exciting! You have some good handwork projects lined up. I need to follow your lead and get some handwork queued up for evenings to help me slow down at the end of the day. Hope the kids had a great back to school day!

Quilter Kathy said...

So many fun things to stitch! i think you will enjoy the Happy Little Things!