Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Mid Week!

I think we are settling into a routine. I just have to change my work hours on Tuesday's so I can drop the boy to his school that starts later... but will have G pick up the girl so I can work the extra hour  on the end of my day - 9:30-2:30.

I've gotten a walk in the last 2 mornings...much needed as my ring finger is getting a wee bit tight. Time to buckle down and get back into the walking routine. We are working on healthier lunches and dinners. The kids are making their own lunches this year - I love it! I just ask what they want and will make sure we have it. They each requested their fruits and veggies to bring in (Em - strawberries and blueberries and cucumbers; Aidan got cherries and broccoli and dip with his sandwich. Hummus has not made it into the lunch yet but is a snack after school). I almost forgot first day of school photo's - Emily's was by the car at 7:20 while Aidan's was by the door at 8:20.

Emily - 5th grade
Aidan - 6th grade

Aidan is loving his new school and teachers. They both had homework yesterday! Emily is happy she gets to see her friends from last year at recess and another one is split into her class for specials. She was happy to see Bella in her specials classes (pe, art and music).

I did attach one badge to Emily's vest by hand in the car line. I'm gonna get the machine out and use that on the rest! I think I have at least 25-30 to add before Monday!

The dish cloth got completed.

I also started hand quilting the final setting triangles on the basket quilt last night after Emily read to me for 30 minutes. I need to remember to grab the umbrella baggie today for Emily's car line and my dentist cleaning appointment.

I just have a little touch up painting to do around the baseboards in the sewing area before they can be nailed back in. I did put up the shelves and moved the fabrics back on it yesterday. Baby steps around working and kids but the end is in sight!

I saw both sets of wild turkeys yesterday morning on my walk! I was happy to see they have grown in the last month and are all still at the same numbers. I was thinking it was the same set...but they were still on the other lawn when I went back through. They are a block apart.

Hopefully it will be an Umbrella Thursday post tomorrow! 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I always remember being glad when the girls went back to school after a long summer out of my usual routine - even though I loved spending time with them I love my daily routine too. My daughter just called to request we meet for lunch tomorrow instead of today as she was late getting to work because of first day back to school traffic and hadn't allowed enough time and needed to cut her lunch short today LOL
I was just telling my husband we need to eat healthier!

Ray and Jeanne said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! I hope they have a good year. Many years ago, Ray and I did a switch on one morning job - I made the bed and he did lunches. On the second day, he had the boys making their own lunches - I had to renegotiate our morning jobs! ~Jeanne