Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday again....

It has been an eventful week. Last week we were in Vermont with family arriving in the afternoon. This week we are home in Florida and I think I am still recovering from travel! Of course.... my original flight Wednesday around 2:30PM was changed a month ago to a 7:20PM flight out (arriving 10:30 in Florida).  Well, there was weather ....... so we finally took off around 9PM and arrived a little before midnight. My cell was not happy in upstate NY so a text went through to hubby who was able to book us a room in Sanford so I didn't need to drive 1.5 hours home that night! Seems a lot of us did that as he said 25 rooms were booked for that reason! The kids enjoyed making their waffle breakfast at the hotel and I think that was the first time they both SLEPT in a hotel! They were tired! We got home late morning on Thursday. I admit... I unpacked and did a load of laundry and then did NOTHING the rest of the day! The cats finally let us pet them after a few hours.... guess we got the silent treatment for leaving them for 2 weeks! Friday.... I had to work (I work remotely for a company in Vermont). I worked a little longer than normal.... to finish at a good stopping point and make sure my move to production worked so there would be no errors that night. Had to do a little shopping Friday.... I had missed my Aldi and it's prices. Avocado for .49! It was $1.79 in VT... yup, no avocado for 2 weeks for me!
Saturday..... was moving things off half of the floor in the sewing area and the first half of the 'garage area'. Then the carpet and padding were cut and removed. The floor prepped and then the new floor was laid down.... well, we have one strip by the wall to do today. It will soon be time to move all the stuff on the last side out so that can get the same treatment today and the new floors put down. It has been a long process but I am loving how it is looking.

Instead of stitching I have been doing a lot of reading.... I think I read 2 books since I got home on my kindle! Time to pull out some hand stitching for tonight though. I think the basket quilt needs to get finished so hand quilting it will be tonight. I still have all those setting triangles to stitch.

I have a slew of badges to get onto a girl scout vest as well. I have 2 weeks till our first meeting to get all those sewn on. Guess I should plan to do a couple each day! This is the last week before school starts for the kids. I have lots of appointments scheduled - dentist, doctor and meet the teachers.

I have a feeling we will be watching Descendants 3 tonight.... we watched the first one on Friday night and the second one last night. At least I will have choices on hand work while watching it tonight!


Julierose said...

Quite an eventful 2 weeks you all had! Re-entry is always fraught isn't it?? i love this basket quilt--i will also be hand quilting on my legos tonight...and still Hotter than--well, you know what!! ;((( hugs, Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love the photo of the basket quilt in your header - that's such a pretty quilt with the different blues! You did have an eventful week - glad you made it home okay, though. Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

such a big difference in prices for one thing isn't it. We notice that so much when we travel. Sometimes up in the mountains in the west we pay more than we normally would for fruit or veggies and then next to nothing on something else. Glad you were able to get a room for the night and not have to drive a couple hours late at night after a plane comes in.


Glad you are safely home again---
and kitties like to 'punish' their loved ones for leaving them alone for so long--they are such funny critters!!!
and I can't believe it is time to start thinking of a new school term-seems like everyone just got off for summer vacation!!!
have fun stitching tonight--
luv, di

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

So glad you are home safe and sound. You had a lovely time in Vermont! I bet you will be glad when all the remodeling is completed! Hugs Love that basket quilt