Sunday, October 13, 2019

A day of stitching.....

I only made it into the sewing room to draw my stitching lines today. It has been a wonderful relaxing day of stitching.

Ella Marie Deacon block #4 is completed. I'm all set for the next release of 4 blocks on Tuesday. Doing one per week by hand is working out well!

Happy Little Things block #2 is completed. I guess I should go draw #3's embroidery onto the fabric so it is ready for stitching this week.

Hand quilting - the teal portion of this is finished and I'm moving onto the orange part. I noticed a little more batting fixing will need to take place before the next roll... which should be later tonight or tomorrow! I will officially be half way through on the next turn. Sew exciting!

A nice dinner out with hubby using some gift cards and back to a nice quiet kid free house =) We don't get this very often and are enjoying the peace and quiet! (No, she's looking at me, he hit me, make him go away, leave me alone.... etc!) Peace and quiet .... until the cats decide to start chasing each other around the house and wrestling on the living room floor. Here is an innocent photo of them - Ollie on the left and Peanut on the right.


QuiltGranma said...

Can I assume from that kitty picture that they are twins? They sure look alike!

Miaismine said...

Your blocks are lovely! Will there be embroidery in each of them. Perfect for hand pieced blocks! Your kitties look so sweet....nice post!