Wednesday, January 20, 2021


I decided to join in on the virtual SAHRR (Say at Home Round Robin). I was thinking of an orphan block I know I saw of a castle back from a Vermont quilt I made with my guild many years ago. However... I am not sure where it ended up the last time I 'picked up' the sewing room so...... I found this single block that was hanging around and decided to use it for my middle. The first round was to add a piano key border.

I pulled some fabrics from scrap bins and found a 2 inch strip of this blue and some white. Sewed them together and cut 2 inch segments to make my first round. I guess it is more of a checkerboard than a piano key.. but it used up the fabric I pulled with an inch or two left of each to spare. 

My morning: I was logged into work but decided to take today off and will work tomorrow on my normal day off. I am lucky my workplace is flexible and lets me do that... a little distracted with wanting to watch the inauguration today.

This morning Aidan thought it was strange that his teachers didn't email him work on his last day of quarantine. So he checked and he was marked as absent! I got to call the school and see what was up. Turns out the FDOH (Florida dept of health) determined he was ok to go back today instead of tomorrow like he was told. She kindly marked him absent due to quarantine and he will go back tomorrow. That let us watch the inauguration today together.


I planned meals this week - well, most of the week so far. Sunday evening everyone was on their own after a very big breakfast of sausage and biscuits, eggs and hash browns.

Saturday night - was a Keto meal of spiced chicken thighs and roasted sweet potato's.  Aidan loves these and ate way more than his share!

Monday was Tater tot casserole.

Tuesday was Crack Slaw (aka egg roll in a bowl). Emily will have Chicken Kiev as she is nuts and turns up her nose at this one.... we don't mind as it is more for us to eat!

Wednesday will be a roasted whole chicken in the crock pot with steamed broccoli. ***Oops, must take the whole chicken out of the zero freeze freezer well before 5PM the night before if it needs to get defrosted! Swapping Thursday and Wednesday's meals!

Thursday will be baked fish with rosemary roasted potato and possible leftover broccoli.

Friday.... we will see what I feel like pulling out of the freezer. It might be a Papa Johns Pizza night - we have a robotics card that gives us B1G1 all school year and we have only used it once so far. The pizza place is 5 minutes from the kids school... so I order in car line and pick up after I get them. It makes for an early dinner.. but the kids are usually hungry with lunch at 11:30 and pick up between 3:45-4:10.


 I finished listening to an audiobook - The Anatomist's wife by Anna Lee Huber last night. I had curled up in bed to listen to the last 15% of the book and managed to get all 3 cats on the bed with me! I was surprised 16 year old Sophie could still jump up!  It took a bit to get into but was a good mystery if you like historical books. I did like the accent the book was read in. Before that I was listening to some Charlaine Harris books - Shakespear's Landlord, Shakespeare's Champion and Shakespeare's Christmas. It is a series. I tucked in Becoming - by Michelle Obama and read by her in between a few of the mysteries. It was a really interesting biography of her life. I use the Libby app on my phone and hooked it up to my local library card. Another one that was an interesting mystery was The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good that Aidan will be back to school bet he is glad. Nice to be flexible for work hours I bet. I was on tv all day too.

Julierose said...

Flexible work hrs are the best!! My daughter has those too...she is now working two full time jobs at home so that works well for her...
the block you chose for SAHRR is really pretty..nice first border; I was really tempted on this one, but am not going to jump in...
Hugs, Julierose

Susan said...

Looks great, and you can't miss with blue and white. =)

The Joyful Quilter said...

Cute start to you SAHRR, Deb! I haven't started working on mine. It's going to have to wait until I finish my Fussy Cut challenge for Project QUILTING!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's a pretty block and I like your border! It's really interesting to see the different borders people are using, inspired by the piano key idea - lots of variety. I liked Michelle Obama's book and the James Patterson/Bill Clinton mystery, too. I hope they write another one!

Angie in SoCal said...

I really like your block - so crisp and colorful. Look forward to see what you do in the next round.

scraphappy said...

So glad that Aiden is able to go back to school again. Trying to keep track of when each kids quarantine ends has been a never ending struggle, just when someone is ready to come back, another person in the household shows up positive and it starts all over again. Or, even though they didn't know it yet, their exposure was 3 days before the quarantine actually started and so they are back sooner than expected. It isn't easy for our poor attendance clerk to keep up with. Watching the inauguration was fun though, I turned it on in the background as my kids worked and then was able to watch the "parade" that night.