Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sunday stitching...

 It has been a s l o w start for me today after a long night! Emily and I went to the drive in last night (a girl scout event) and watched a double feature. Tom and Jerry and then The Blind Side. We got home around 11:30 - hubby was waiting up for us. Emily and I had chatted on the way home where we wondered if he would be awake. I told her he probably would be since we tend to make sure the other gets home safely before turning in for the night. 'Why' she asked. I said that is what you do when you care about someone... you make sure they are home safely!

Our badges for the event and our ticket vouchers for our meal and popcorn for the movie.

The cats didn't care I got to bed late and Sophie wanted food before 7AM. Since I was awake.... I let the chickens into the run about 7:15. The splitting headache (probably not enough water yesterday and lack of sleep) had me back in bed when the neighbor decided to play weird music at 7:40 AM that I could hear inside my bedroom with everything closed up. I might have opened the slider and said something like 'seriously, loud music before 8AM on a Sunday?'. Amazingly, it got turned down within 2 minutes. That response has never happened before!

Some Advil and a little sleep had me waking up at 11AM and feeling much better. I sent out some prep work for my girl scout meeting tomorrow night (digital photography!) and maybe my photo's on the blog will improve starting next week? One can hope =)

Grandma is feeling better but called off on having the kids go over today for the day. The boys need to make a trip to the trash/recycle center today. The garden needs some weeding/tilling and the car will get taken to the drive through car wash so I (kids) can use their vacuum to clean the interior.

After those tasks.... it will be prep work and a little hand stitching for me to relax. Maybe outside in the sunshine in the high 60 degree temps. Perfect temps to be outside stitching today.

I need to stitch the remaining 3 blocks for part one of Harmony, then prep the part two blocks - half square triangles and stitch them up before block 3 is started on Monday. Completely do-able as they are easy steps. No progress on these this week since Tuesday.

I will also prep some more green hexagon blocks for the quilt as you go blocks I am making each month in the RSC color. Darker green this month of March.

I have the pink and yellow Erin's butterfly all basted and ready to be appliqued onto the background.  I machine stitched the blade wings, then hand pieced the circle part on and hand basted the 1/4 inch seam. I just need to cut out the background square, attach them  by hand and cut out the black body part to stitch down in between them. I'm not sure how many of these I will make - 9 maybe?

The pink and yellow ones so far this year.

I'll settle in this evening with a little hand quilting on the hand pieced quilt along quilt. The cats have been 'helping' this week with that project! Kathy asked about thimble use.... I never could get used to having something on my finger so while I have adjusted to using a hoop or frame, I prefer my fingers bare when I am quilting. 

We have an abundance of eggs (all 9 are laying!) - so I decided to make a quick quiche with some leftover asparagus yesterday afternoon. I did not bother getting out the recipe... or measuring! I chopped the cooked asparagus up and added it to the greased bottom of a glass pie plate. My recipe uses some milk and a little mayo, blended together.  then the eggs.... I used a bunch of the small to medium ones (maybe 7?) and a couple of extra egg whites from the sweedish meatballs last week. Poured that in then checked in the cheese drawer - added some provolone slices and some shredded sharp cheddar. Into the oven for 45 minutes covered and breakfast this morning was waiting for a warm up! I got mushrooms on sale for 99 cents for 8 ounces yesterday, so I'll be making my Sweet Tomaot's restaurant - Cream of Mushroom soup later today. Recipe is under the recipe tab at the bottom. My lunches for the next few days! I love this soup.

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Busy days for you, but all sounds fun! Nice to have things all set up and ready to go for when you do get some stitching time. Are your Girl Scouts done with cookie sales? I found some girls with a cookie booth outside Walmart yesterday and told them I was so glad to see them! (And bought some cookies!) The mom told me it was their last weekend.

Little Penpen said...

This butterflies are pretty and I like the way you are making your hexies.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

loud music bothers me and I'm glad the person turned it down - possibly didn't realize how loud it was but now she does? I will need to see if the girl scouts are out next weekend

Ivani said...

Pretty hexies! You had a busy week and you have beautiful projects. So, have fun.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Recipes tab?! Why have I not noticed this??? Congrats on your constant supply of fresh eggs!