Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Spring UFO 2021

 Since I successfully finished off 3 of my quilts from the Summer Challenge,  5 from the Fall Challenge, with another 3 finished  in  the Winter 2021 Challenge,  I guess this is working for me as motivation to get things finished so I'll continue on for the Spring 2021 UFO Ravelry challenge.

Since I never know what I am in the mood to work on.... lets just throw a whole bunch of things out there and see what sticks shall we?

Block Collections.

1.) Knowing that light and bright blue is April... I thought of these 6 baskets that did not make the original quilt. I think they will make a cute table topper of some sort so they are getting added. ***Finished 4/22/2021. Table topper April.

2.) I know I have at least one more cut and in a baggie somewhere to fill that open spot for a 7x6 setting. These are hand pieced.... and might need a little fixing along the way.

 3.) Hexagon flowers on a black background. These are a stack of blocks I hand pieced a few years ago then hand appliqued to the black background a couple years after that!  Not sure if they will become one or two quilts....

4.) Crumb blocks.... might these end up in a quilt? Or the start of some baskets?

5.) Sweet Confetti blocks - I have 96 of these made.... need to be put together and quilted.

6.) Midget Applique quilt from Sentimental Stitches. I need to add  more flowers and leaves and the vines... and the bottom yellow border. This one is completely hand pieced.

7.) Ella Maria Deacon blocks - make a few more and finish them off into a top. I believe I was making these by hand. Patterns from Sentimental Stitches.

8.) Purple applique hearts... need to figure out how they want to be set.

9.)  this quilt that has been an on and off, leader and ender for years. My scrappy irish chain. I believe I had a bucket of 2 inch squares next to my sewing machine for a while and would make sets, and rows and blocks in between sewing other things. I think it wants to get competed.

10.) Midget block collection - I started these in Vermont in 2010!

11.) Civil War Blocks

12.) Churn Dash blocks

13.) Endless Diamond Blocks - 21 made.  20 will make the top I think. All hand pieced. Almost a top 4/2021 hand piecing.

14.) Birds in the Air block collection

15.) Harmony - hand pieced project started March 2021... already behind but hoping to catch up this quarter.

16.) 16 patches - because you never know when you need a quilt and they might make a quick Hands2Help one.  *** Finished 4/25/2021

17.) stars and nines - I have a few blocks hanging around still that want to get sewn up. ***** Finished 4/24/2021

18.) Lets go fly a kite- because it might have percolated long enough in my head already.

19.)  Flowering Snowball

20.) Round Robin.

21.) Cat and mouse is on the frame in process of hand quilting but has been sadly neglected.

22) This one stayed on the list - needs quilting. Vermont Quilt Festival Booth Hop from either 2008 or 2009. I have backing for this and it is 71x71.

23.) Green Tumblers - a hand pieced top. 

24.) Hoarfrost - top is done will it get quilted this year?

25.) Baby Bear Paw quilt top ** Made back from a class in 1999 I think from Yankee Pride.

26.) Trip around the World

27.) Y2K Joann's BOM - quilt top

28.) Blue and Purple 9 patch with muslin top Made in the 90's. Have a back for this 50x60.

29.) Tumbler flag - this did not come out how I imagined.... It might get reinvented after taking parts out. We will see.

30.) 1857 Quilt Along Top

31.) Spring Hexagons - not sure if this wants to be bigger or not.... 

32.) FCQG baby quilt challenge. 40x48 have a backing for this.

33.) Triple Irish Chain - green. 80x80 I think. I did find both fabrics extra with it... Might need a green or cream border first or both... Made in the early 2000's.

Well, I dug a little deeper since some are springy and might want to get worked on. We will see.


Chris said...

I choose #7, # 10 and # 12 and of course something by machine so you can finish up those leader ender blocks.

Angie said...

Wow - that's a lot of possibilities! I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to work on!

Julierose said...

What a lovely group of quilts you have to choose from--difficult choice!!
I am going to concentrate on finishing (mostly layering and binding) for the month of April...at least that's the plan until one of those squirrels pops up hahaha
hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow - I knew you had a lot going but that is a lot more than I realized LOL - you will be busy and never at a loss to grab something to work on.


OKay--that is a nice long delightful list of possibly's for finishes--now the really hard part--
which ones to work on first--why not number them, put the numbers in a jar-pull out a number and work on that one and when it is either to the next stage--or finished--pick another number!!!!!
have fun--
luv, di

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love seeing all your pretty projects! Lots of possibilities to work on, depending on your mood and interest. I'll look forward to seeing which ones you choose!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

You have definitely beat me on UFO's (well, except for the 29 (now almost 30) that need to be quilted on the long arm! Love all your projects!

Angela said...

So many choices! What do you want to work on? Machine quilting, hand quilting, machine piecing? Pick a quilt that needs what you want to do and cross it off the list. So many quilts ready to be finished! Looking forward to seeing one get done soon.

The Joyful Quilter said...

OMG!! SEW many fabulous projects, Deb. Good luck on finishing one or two (or ten) of them during the Spring 2021 UFO Club!