Sunday, May 15, 2022


 Another week flew right by! I really need to pick up some hand work at night instead of playing on my phone. I finally did last night and got some hand quilting in on my Endless Diamond quilt while I was watching 'You've Got Mail'. It was nice after a long day of running errands in the car Saturday. Linking up with The Slow Sunday Stitchers.

First it was off to Wildwood Girl Scout Store to pick up the badges needed for the end of year party Monday night (about 25 minutes away). Then.... the kids and Greg wanted Carvers for lunch. Greg is behind on his schoolwork classes so I agreed to go order and pick up since it would be 45 minutes to an hour.  A little cleaning in the kitchen in the hour I had before we headed to PetCo for our Private Lesson with Bear. We learned a lot and he is a really smart Dog! Very protective of Emily and me. This is hubby working with him on wait.

 When I got home... it was time to figure out my Finance report for the troop. I was missing one bank statement but managed to get it tied back with the receipts and everything put into their slots in under 2 hours this year! Ok, it was more like 90 minutes. The last ACH pull of cookies was the month after we tie to so that had to be accounted for. I'll have to print off all the expenses for April and May and hand off to my co-leader as she is being placed onto the bank account and I'll be taken off soon! We have lots of spending the last 2 months with renewals, painting, food for painting, and I got them some camping bracelets with a whistle, fire started and compass to finish their outdoor journey. My leader self eval was also done and emailed in.  I just need to sort the badges into baggies, grab a few party things and clean the house. Seems they wanted to come over here for their party tomorrow night.... something about seeing the chickens and the new dog.... and the cats. Hitting 90's tomorrow so I need to have the option of inside if it is way too hot and humid out.

Grandma was not feeling well so called to cancel the kids heading over today... that let Emily get  a horse riding lesson scheduled for this afternoon that I'll bring her to. They were at a show and did not have lessons yesterday. Greg will pop over to see his Dad in the rehab facility around doing homework today. The boy is on mowing the lawn duty.  The girl is on chicken coop cleaning. Not sure if we will get more of the posts put in for the new chicken run today or not. Busy as always around here. Now if this head cold will let me get everything done today, I'll be a happy camper! First up is shredding some zucchini to make zucchini bread. Yummy. 


Jill said...

Neat and tidy hand quilting! Something to stitch in all your business. Phones, tablets and computers sidetrack me as well from getting things done. Thanks for being a scout leader!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Your quilting is looking fabulous. You have certainly been busy . Hope grandma is feeling better. Have a great week.


Hope that Grandma is feeling better and that the kiddo's do their jobs--and that you can get everything ready for what may be your last Scout party!! My what will you do with all your 'free'time now that you are no longer a Scout leader--I see more sewing time for you--right????
Doggie training looks like it is going well, too!
Do you have a cold or is it the darn pollen---I have been bad for a long time with the pollen, now!!
take care--have some fun, too--hugs, di

Quilter Kathy said...

Love that close up photo of the hand quilting stitches!
And the perfect pairing with You've Got Mail!!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Wow, so nice to visit you and your busy family doings, Deb. It always reminds me of when my girls were young and in school still. We are discussing training for Ned; Beth has been doing lessons with his brother, Petey. She thinks it's helpful.

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a crazy busy weekend at your house, Deb! Best of luck getting ready for the GS party. Sorry to hear that your MIL wasn't feeling well, but I'm sure you were happy not to make that drive with everything else going on!