Tuesday, May 31, 2022

What have I been doing?

 That is a great question! I did not work on my May OMG at all, other than purchasing the backing fabric for it. Technically I guess that is progress.

Instead, I got a little bit of startitis. I started an EPP project - well things are cut and I am still debating if I will glue baste or thread baste them. I did one as thread baste and it was sliding on me so I need to rewatch a video and give it another try. 

I also started a crochet project of granny squares using some leftover yarns from another project. If I count across the top I have 7 'openings' which is how big I am making them. I really should count the rounds but it is easier to just count the spaces across to see when I am done for now.

Another project is the Masala baby quilt in purples. I really need to knock off those final blocks and get this to a top soon. I hope to bring it with me to VT later in June.

Hand quilting on the Endless Diamond quilt is progressing. I have started quilting block 9 of 20 so getting close to half way. It appears all animals like to pose on quilts! As soon as I put it down for a photo, Bear came out to investigate and snuggled down on it.

We have been working on the new fence and have half of it to go. Maybe Greg and I can get a little work in on it tonight if I don't have to go pick up the kids from Grandma's. She is collecting them in a bit and taking them to lunch and then out to a movie near her house to watch the new Top Gun in the theater. I guess Tuesday is senior half off day for the ticket price and at the snack stand. 
I'd better get back to work as my lunch is almost over! Leftover steak on a garden salad, yum!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

for the thread basting use either a pin in the center of the paper to hold it in place or use a binding clip on one corner - I use the binding clip and it works out great - what shapes are you planning?

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

May is a busy month for kids and families! I was going to say the same thing about thread-basting the hexies as Karen wrote in her comment. I use a wonder clip or two to hold things together while I'm basting and it keeps it from slipping. Those purple Masala Boxes are really pretty! Perfect for that baby quilt.

Julierose said...

I use freezer paper for the hexagon papers, so there is no slipping around.
Masala baby quilt is so pretty with the lavender fabrics...
nice work hugs, Julierose