Friday, May 27, 2022

RSC in green

 Part of the RSC is the Table Scrap Challenge. This month squares were added to the color of dark green. I had all kinds of ideas, alas my supply of green scraps was tossed last year and there were few scraps left in that color range. I was thinking of making a shamrock runner using squares and triangles. Not enough scraps in the colors I wanted. Another idea was four patches surrounded to make a square. 

When I looked around and pulled the little bits of dark green I found these squares that I pulled off the hand pieced trip quilt from a few years ago.

I spent Thursday morning unpicking all 4 sets and then ironed the 2.5 inch squares to be flat. I managed to reuse them in a couple of ways! I made a few 16 patch blocks to add to the pile.

 Then with the rest I made this place mat! It feels good to have those extra bits of fabric repurposed into something usable.

I decided to do some straight line quilting through the squares. I used some brown for the binding.

The back is a sage green light print. It measures 18x12 for a small placemat. Linking up with the Table Scrap Challenge and the RSC Challenge on Saturday.

I still need to make the crossed canoe blocks so it is a good thing we sill have a few mores days of May!

I guess they don't do 8th grade graduation down here in Florida but Greg and I thought we should recognize it so we got Aidan a cake on his last day of Middle School Thursday. The last day of school was Hat day... and his robotics team of 3 decided to wear their purple cowboy hats from the tournament in February. He actually wore it all day long... and his 3 block teachers got a kick out of it. His gifted teacher said  - 'a quiet kid for 3 years and then the last day of school wears a light up purple cowboy hat!', Robotics teacher just smiled when they all wore it in his class, his science teacher had 2 of them in class and asked what the light up purple hats were about so they explained it. It was a good day and it only took 7 minutes in the car ride home to start worrying about High School!

Tonight - the dog managed to get into the chicken run! Emily was a little traumatized and got Maple - a barred rock chicken out of his mouth and got Bear out and into the house. Lily  - the one who plays a parrot on our shoulder was hurt under the coop. We put her in the safety of the coop and will see how she does. We think she has a leg injury but will check on her in a few hours. The others (Molly, Poppy, Myrtle, DC and Rosie) seem ok physically. I guess the new fencing to go around the coop is first on the list tomorrow morning. Maple seemed ok - was eating seed out of Emily's hand and getting around the run ok after an hour. **Update this morning. Maple seems fine but Lily is still in the coop laying down.
Never a dull moment at my house.


Annie said...

It’s so interesting how you took orphaned blocks and repurposed them into a current project and a scrappy challenge project. Great 16 patch blocks and a terrific new placemat!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

here they seem to do graduation for everything from kindergarten to middle school on up. Yes he deserved a cake!!
the crossed canoes is on my list.

Diann@LittlePenguinQuilts said...

Those leftover squares in shades of green were a great find! Perfect for using in your Table Scraps placemat. Happy end of the school year to your kids! Sounds like Aidan had a good one. Hope the chickens are okay!

Julierose said...

WOW always a story around your place :)) Entertaining for us, but scarey for "les poulets" for sure!! Hope Lily is okay after her fright!!

I like the way you fearlessly "unsewed" (is that even a word?) those blocks and used them in new ways!!

We are having a gloomy Saturday here with sprinkles of rain--just enough so that outside activities are not fun!! That's ok--more time to watch F1 and sew my TAW--which is coming out as a surprise with the red outlining..?? Anyway, what else is new right? Somehow following directions for quilts is hard (if not impossible!) for me!! Knitting instructions were always easy for me...go figure!!
Hope your weekend is a good one Hugs, Julierose

Sara said...

Here is SD, most of our smaller districts celebrate 8th grade graduation but a few of the bigger ones don't. However - even where the schools don't recognize that transition, the families do celebrate. I love it. And those cowboy hats sound like the perfect way to end the year with some fun.


Just one more way that Aidan is growing into a fine young man--not being afraid to wear his hat all day--am proud of you Aidan! You will be fine next year--so have fun this summer and enjoy!
the poor chickens and poor pup--the pup just wanted to have fun and maybe a snack high in protein!!!!
I see you also love to 'unsew' things like I do--or at least it feel like I do as I do it often enough!!!
Here's a funny one for you--we had a storm last night just before dark--and it rained hard on the other side of the building--but only a few sprinkles on my side --I even got to watch strikes of lightning coming down from reflections on the next apartment buildings patio doors!!!!!
hugs, di

Paulette said...

That's a pretty placemat! I like the subdued look of the sage green. Oh, I hope Lily's okay and doing better.

Jenny said...

You did really well with pulling that old lick to bits, reusing the squares to make new blocks and a place mat. Sorry to read about the dog getting in the chicken run and traumatising the chickens, bad dog.

Pat said...

great job on repurposing the older fabrics!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Good thinking on repurposing those block parts you found, Deb! I like the placemat you made. Poor, traumatized chickies!!

LA Paylor said...

well that's not the excitement you'd choose but good save for the poor traumatized chooks

Susie H said...

Good for Greg! It's always good to get a little goofy every now & again. Sorry to hear about the chicken disaster. Hope they've all fared well by now.

Sandy Panagos said...

Very industrious! It's so good to make something work like that. THat Aidan sounds like a good kid!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Great job of saving the sage green month!!! And great job, Aidan!!!