Sunday, March 26, 2023

Slow Sunday stitching

 Kathy reminds us each week to slow down and rest. It sounds like I am not the only one who does not tend to heed that! I am getting better at it and will take a 'me' day once in a while and play. Today should be one of those days, which means I will be slowly playing with fabrics, my accuquilt and the triangle die and the sewing machine. Some slow stitching will happen as well on quilting of the bear paw quilt.This is the second feather in the middle of the quilt. I am quilting with a blue hand quilting YLI thread.

I will also prep some fabrics for Brimfield Awakening today so I have car line things to work on.

Linking up with the Slow Sunday Stitchers.

The kids should be heading to Grandma's today on a day when we will be hitting record high temperatures in Florida. The disadvantage of living inland a bit is we don't get the coastal breezes to cool things off. In Ocala they are predicting 90 degrees F.... that does not include the 'feels like' temps. Sigh. 

Emily and I both rode yesterday at horses. I had my lesson at 9 and Greg took Emily for 11. I had not ridden in over a month, but it all came back! I did have a new ride - Princess. It sounds like Prism was a little overworked this week and the trainer said I have soft hands so would work well with Princess. She is a lot different from the first 2 horses I've ridden. She is very 'sensitive'. Slight movements and she follows where I had to really kick to get Elwood or Prism to trot. It was really foggy yesterday morning, so I was riding in a mist with low 70's for temps. It was perfect! (I don't mind mist when it is comfortable temps!) It got hot quickly after the clouds lifted but I was done riding by then!

We had yet to start the garden. Never got around to it the last month or two so Emily and I were working on that yesterday with lots of breaks and water. Greg ordered a sun net to put over part of the garden. Emily had planted some pumpkins and they would get burned with the direct sun down here. Greg and I put it up a couple of weeks ago and it has really helped the plants. The garden got weeded and tilled. The add in's are raked in a bit. We just finished planting and now we just need to finish getting the fence up, since the dog really likes that area under the sun shade! Yes, water does go through it and it lets some sun through it. Time to get moving and showered before Grandma arrives to get the kids.

He is not spoiled at all!


Canuck Quilter said...

Enjoy your slow day. Your handwork is beautiful. No garden here yet. I woke up to snow this morning...I thought we were past that, but I guess it was wishful thinking.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

a sun shade is just what I was thinking might be needed for the berries - I thought about it last year and never did

Karrin Hurd said...

Beautiful quilting. Hard to believe you are in the 90 range. While on the opposite site of the US, in Northern CA we are 44 right now. We have been having atmospheric river storms. We have a couple of days to dry out and then supposed to get more rain Tuesday and Wednesday. I am not complaining though, because our reservoirs desperately needed it. But my yard is a mess with weeds! Happy stitching!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Glad it was cooler for your ride yesterday! We've had to shade our vegetable garden in the hottest part of the growing season, too. I didn't know they made special shades for that purpose, though. I wonder if they make them in different sizes. That feather you're quilting on the bear paw quilt is a pretty one! Enjoy your stitching today!

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Wow 90 degrees already.It is in the 70's here today which is nice . Your quilting is looking amazing. Have a very enjoyable day .

Jenny said...

Of course the dog enjoys the sun shade, didn't you put it up just for him?

Astrid said...

Glad you enjoyed the ride while it was still bearable. 90F is hot, we had 87.8F yesterday. Usually end of March is hot, before the 'cold season' begins. Pretty hand stitching and the Brimfield block looks like a fun one.