Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thursday Blahs...

 I seem to have picked up a head cold that is draining my energy. (I got a negative covid test - figured I'd better check) I had great plans today, alas, I am just doing a little and then resting. I think I will go play with some fabrics soon. I did get things dusted and a couple of floors swept. Air into the car ties which were triggering a low tire, a drive through the car wash and picked up a script from the pharmacy after dropping Aidan to school. Emily had an early drop to school for a little extra studying before taking an Agriculture certification test. She texted us that she passed with a 92! I have no clue what the certificate 'means' but it is something to add to her schooling credits.

I have been following along a crochet along this week of 5 stitches and making a dishcloth with each, each day. Maria's Blue Crayon is doing the crochet along on Facebook. I am still on Mondays! 

Day 1 of 5 Days of Crochet Dishcloths
Griddle Stitch (also know as lemon peel stitch)
(I used a 5mm hook, beginning chain of 36, dishcloth came out to ~7.5”)
Beginning chain multiple: 2
Row 1: Ch multiple of 2, dc in 3rd ch from hook, sc in next ch, *dc in next ch, sc in next ch, repeat from * across, turn
Row 2: Ch 2, dc in first st, sc in next st, *dc in next st, sc in next st, repeat from * across, turn
Repeat Row 2

I took it with me yesterday for the kids pick up and messed up row 2 a few rows ago and swapped the stitches by doing the SC then the DC. I'm not going to 'fix' it since it is looking the same and will just be a dish cloth for me!

This one got driving time in this weekend just around the neighborhood. He will need to get pushed to try driving on the road this weekend I think. He did an hour with me last weekend and I think Greg did some time with him on Monday while I was working and the kids were off school. He did get a haircut and looks much more respectable now! It was comical watching him get into the car without pushing my seat back! He is 6 feet tall to my 5 feet 1 or 2! 

I did trace a feather design onto the other open spot on the bear paw quilt and started stitching on that during the F1 race on Sunday. I have not picked it up since.

I think I'll go pull some bright greens and creams and cut out a slew of triangles using the Accuquilt so I can get started on the last 2 garden path blocks I need to finish off that collection. While they are out, I'll cut what I need for 4 split nine patches in bright green. Time to warm up some soup for lunch, and then I'll wander into the sewing area to play. 


Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I always admire what you accomplish, Deb. Congrats to that smart Emily! Loved seeing her riding Marshmallow. And your tall good looking boy too. They are really growing up aren't they. Do hope the cold symptoms are lessening and don't interfere with any of your wonderful outings/activities, etc.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Sorry to hear you're battling a cold, but glad it's not Covid! Dishcloth crocheting sounds like the perfect thing to do - that pretty color to work with. Oh boy - the driving lessons - so fun, lol! Hope he does well!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

once they get the driver's license they seem to grow up so fast. In Arkansas kids on farms can get some kind of driver's license at age 13 or so one of my nieces had her boys driving at 13 and they were doing farm equipment - I didn't think they could even reach the peddles!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Kids are growing up so very fast! Just yesterday they were little! We got the same thing you now have! It lasted Clay about 11 days and it is finally breaking up and clearing up. Started with dry cough, sinus draining then into a Sinus infection. We think it is something that is going around in the air (balloon from China - LOL) because people are getting it in different parts of the country.

Lasts up to 2 weeks. Hugs and rest and take Tylenol. Med’s do not work. Hang in there! Hugs