Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday stitching....

Kathy at Kathy's Quilts reminds us to slow down each week, take a deep breath and relax with some slow stitching. It is a great reminder and I plan to get some slow stitching in today - off and on through the day.

I know I need to print and cut out some more shapes for my lemoyne stars...I finished adding the white to these two last night. These are unfinished 5 inches and all hand pieced.

I have this 1857 block that has been back basted for weeks now... and has moved along a little this week. It would be so nice to get this one finished today. Of course, that means I need to prep some more... I think I drew on the back  for the August ones and just need to pull fabrics for them. I really should take a photo of all of the completed blocks so far. One of these days....

Linking up with Kathy's Quilts and the other Slow stitchers.


  1. love your slow stitches! always nice to settle down a little and take it slow for a day

  2. You must like purple very much. I see it in all of these blocks. The purples in the applique block are oh so pretty.

  3. Your 1857 block is lovely. I didn't start this project but I am downloading the patterns. Like the stars too. Blessings, Gretchen

    1. Thanks Gretchen. They are fun to make.

  4. I love your 1857 purple flower-so pretty and so well done! Please do lay them all out for us-we want to see!

  5. Your stars look fabulous I may try inklingo to make some new coasters. I have a thing for stars and yours look fabulous!

  6. Your block looks great. I should have done like you did and made the all stems and leaves out of one fabric. I did it the hard way and made each individual stem and leaf. It is quilt bulky where everything overlaps. (But, it's done - gasp!)

  7. Enjoy your stitching. All of those blocks are very pretty.

  8. Your stars are so pretty, the fabrics are perfect. I look forward to seeing both these projects as they grow. Hope Sunday was a productive day for you :)


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