Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday... really?

It has been over a week since the last post.. and sadly little to no stitching. Busy, busy as usual with Scouts Monday, Soccer Tuesday and Thursday and last week we threw in two visits to the kids doctor  30 minutes away, with Emily's outer ear infection (Monday/Friday). A dentist appt for me and my week leaves me too tired to do much of anything at night. Homework with Emily.... very draining and way too long for a second grader. We are talking 1.5-2 hours of homework at night!

I did finally sew a little red today to make part of my 4 red houses. The sewing machine thanked me =).  I also pulled the red and maroon dresdens and found the circle fabric, basted it and sewed it down to the plate in the car line. I cut the background and pressed it - two middles and two creases in the corners - just in case I have to take them to soccer practice tonight. 90 minutes... I really hope Greg gets home in time to take them so I can pop back onto work for a few more hours tonight. If not, I'll have something to work on while I am there. I just need to stick a few pins in to keep them in place while they travel to the soccer practice field.

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Ray and Jeanne said...

Love the dresdens. Sometimes life gets way too hectic. Hope it slows down a bit for you soon. Sounds like a little too much homework for a second grader. :( ~Jeanne