Sunday, September 11, 2016

Appliqué block done!

Ok, after 2 hours working trying to till and weed the overgrown garden, it was time to rest.
Yes Mom, I drank lots of water and power zero and took breaks. The heat just gets to me, but there will be a fall garden at some point!

I decided to watch Harry Potter - movie 5 and started movie 6 before the kids were returned.
This block finally got done... I had to take a break as a cat decided my lap was needed for her nap. Hard to stitch with a napping cat on your lap! That corner peel is really off.... it might get fixed at some point or it might just stay as is.

All my blocks so far this year. I am a couple months behind and still have a few of the more difficult blocks to go. Oh well, it is not a race and I'll get to them as I get to them!


  1. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Love all your blocks so far.

  2. Gardening, a movie and a bit of slow stitching sounds like a perfect Sunday to me. These purple blocks look beautiful all laid out together.

  3. Pretty! I like your colors and how the corner peels help tie the whole thing together!

  4. This sooo very pretty ♥