Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Civil War catch up.....

I had to make three CW blocks this morning to catch up from the weekend. No sewing this weekend other than a few stitches on some Celtic Solstice blocks on Sunday. I have half of step 5 done - 50 units! I did get Greg to show me the hose connect on the power washer and I got a great start on our long driveway. Lots of black mold and gunk is off and it looks so clean this morning! I'll do some more this afternoon while the kids are out riding their scooters.

The Civil War blocks today are getting interesting as I am running low on some fabrics. I am just pulling like fabrics from my stash to coordinate at this point.
Another Death went together pretty easily. It is not exactly like the book....but close enough.

A Little Broth.... I had it laid out correctly with the 60 degree triangles... and somehow the two lights did not end up seems I put the side rows on wrong. I did not notice it until after I trimmed it. Oops.... I made my own version for this one too!

Infernally Ungrateful went together as it should have.... so I was 1 for 3 today.

I am planning to do lunch with Emily since I completely forgot about it on Friday! Do I go power wash the driveway or sew some more.... ?


Design Originals by KC said...

Love your header Deb... and love the blocks you have made! Very nice :) While the weather is so moderate you might sew in the morning and power wash some in the afternoon :) Kathi

canuckquilter said...

Here's to original versions of blocks! Who will be referring ot the book while they are admiring your lovely quit, anyway? Enjoy your lunch :)

Jeanne said...

That's a no brainer for me - sew some more!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I vote for sewing! ;-)

I agree, who's going to be comparing your blocks to the originals when your fabulous quilt is done?