Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday..... All ready for the crochet mystery to begin!

I got this package in the mail on Friday. I completely forgot about it. I had ordered some yarn for the crochet mystery last week and it arrived in plenty of time.

I did manage to find two dark country blue yarns at Joann's last weekend so now the decisions.

Country blue, dark country blue, light country blue and grey 


Country blue, light country blue, cream and grey

country blue, dark country blue, light country blue and cream

Hmmmmm. I think we'll see what the first clue is on Tuesday and then decide. Are you joining in?

This is the cat cake I made for Aidan yesterday. Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting to look like our Sophie. I had to raid the kids Halloween candy to get the twizlers for the coller and whiskers. M&M's for the eyes and red sugar sprinkles for the ears.

Mom, I left the package of kids pictures in the truck on Saturday so I'll pop them in the mail this afternoon once Greg gets home from work. Scouts tonight. Heading to Disney Wednesday after the kids early release.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

That cake turned out so well! I'm not a crochet-er, but I'll be following your progress. Good luck!

Sheila said...

Wonderful cake! You did GOOD! Happy Birthday Aiden!
Looking forward to watching you crochet your way through the crochet mystery. Who is the host?

Created by Kathi said...

LOVE Aiden's cake! You did a fab job Deb!!! i like your idea to wait for the mystery to become partially revealed to decide on yarn colors.. I like the second choice the best though :) Will wait to see what color you start with :) Kathi

a good yarn said...

That's a terrific cake so no surprise Aidan has such a big grin. Your crochet mystery won't be a mystery for much longer!