Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Blogger Comment fix! Yea - it worked!!!!

I was reading Kristie's blog and saw there is a solution for the blogger comment issue. I gave it a shot and it works great again!

Here is the link to the instructions.
Thanks so much Barb for figuring that out!

Essentially you go to settings and remove the email address you are or were sending it to. Then add your e-mail address back in to the settings. Looks like it needed a refresh for some reason.

Sorry for being away for a while... the Internet has not been working at the camp since we moved out last Tuesday (June 26th). It seems to be up right now so checking a few blogs and a post before it goes down again.
Happy July 4th everyone!


canuckquilter said...

Yay for technology that works! But also yay! for some time away from it :) Enjoy your vacation.

Chris said...

Lots more time for quilting with no internet.