Monday, May 6, 2019

Regrouping and restarting....

Sometimes... you just have to start again!

A couple weeks ago I finally started hand quilting the basket quilt.

I neglected to cut away the back part of the applique. Trying to hand quilt that basket.... 4 layers... was rough. After a 2 week time out where I knew I needed to pull that out and unpin and cut out the backing...... I finally did it yesterday!

All 25 baskets are now down to 1 layer of fabric.

Tonight, it will get repined and the hand quilting will commence..... just like De Ja Vu!

Saturday was a tea party with Emily put on by another troop raising money to travel to Georgia to visit Juliette Gordon Lowe's birthplace - the birthplace of Girl Scouts!

Today.... we tested a recipe we will try next week at our final scout meeting until August. Ice Cream in a bag! We tested it in 4 trys at home this afternoon with one bag letting in some salt on Aidan's first try. The second try worked better. We will try it again Wednesday with a double bag of the ice cream part and see if we have a fully successful try.
Recipe is found here . I'll hit the big walmart (or send the boys tonight) and pick up Lactaid free half and half... so Emily can enjoy it. They didn't have that kind at the neighborhood walmart we went to this weekend.

I put mine in a round container and rolled it for 6-7 minutes.

 The things I sacrifice and do for these girls =) Hehehehe..... I added mini chocolate chips. Yummy!

Come back tomorrow for a Finish! Not of the ice cream.... that is already in my belly!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

yum - the ice cream looks great!

Julierose said...

Loving those little baskets--hugs, Julierose


I used to like to add mini chocolate chips to my ice cream too!!! though I did not make my at home!!!
glad you redid the basket quilt--it is such a pretty quilt--
luv, di