Saturday, May 4, 2019

RSC in Orange!

I pulled out the orange hexagon flowers yesterday and got the first one attached and sewn down at car line. I even cut out the back so it will be all set for piecing come November. I guess I did the second one waiting for someone to get dressed for riding. I need to pull the basting thread out and cut out the back on that one still. Only 11 orange flowers this month!

I was debating on cutting out the back fabric but since I plan to hand quilt this.... and on those hexagons I really don't want that extra layer of fabric in the mix. I had started hand quilting my baskets where I did not cut out the back..... big mistake! I will definitely be cutting the background fabric out on these flowers! So.... I have a lot of black backings to cut out .... in red, yellow, green and teal! It is an overwhelming task.... so I think I'll just plan to do one or two of the finished ones each day (are you laughing? Cause every time I make a plan like this it lasts maybe one or two days lately!) 

Linking up with the RSC Challenge in orange.

Yesterday was an adventure. Emily's horse riding academy moved this week! She cancelled the lesson last Friday to prep for the move and yesterday we got to see the new place. The arena is now outside! It was a lovely day and the grounds are very nice. 

Four more horses were being transported after Em's lesson and her Prince was one of them. She rode Prism yesterday. It takes us about 30-35 minutes to get there now instead of 25 depending on traffic. I75 is now involved.... but I'll have to take a look and see if I can get there without that .... I really hate that interstate and avoid it at all costs. I did get on to come home and immediately saw red lights on all 3 lanes. I thankfully was in the right hand lane still and the next exit was right there. Yup, I got off and took back roads home. Much faster.

Then it was game night. We were all close - within $300 of each other. Mom won =)

Today.... Hubby is working (which means I just plan on a 12+ hour day and don't expect him home for dinner..... the kids are not liking this new job at all). Emily and I have a Mother/Daughter tea party with girl scouts. Unfortunately the boy will be home for a couple of hours....and he is already in a mood this morning. I'll try and entice him with helping plan and cook dinner and see if we can turn around the mood.... maybe I'll even get the front bed weeded this morning and then we can shop for flowers for it this afternoon.... that usually turns him around too!
 Hopefully I'll get a little sewing time in.... but we will see how the day goes!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so often the back roads are better than the interstate - and less stress!

Mari said...

I always cut out behind appliques, including hexies. You'll be super glad that you did! Love the orange hexie flowers!


Where where you this week when I got in 'a mood' ???
I could of used a distraction of planting flowers or going out to lunch!!!! It was just a weird week here--started Monday evening--and so far into today!!!!!
Have fun flower shopping and going to a tea--
luv, di

Julierose said...

And of course you will be creating black scraps...yup, more to add to your scrap stash....;)))) Love those varied vibrant against the black...hugs, Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those orange hexie flowers are so happy! They'll be fun to sew on this month. We avoid the interstate around here, too - it's good to know all the backroads!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Enjoy going to tea with Em and I really hope the flower "therapy" works to lift Aiden's mood (maybe you will even get a bit of time for ORANGE sewing, too!!)

Auntie Em said...

I was going to ask your whether you cut out the backing fabric on your hexagons after you applique them. Not sure what I will do with mine. I only have 4 orange ones this month.

Moneik said...

Paul is working a new job too and long days and weeks, 13 hour days away from home, leaves before kids get up and gets home at bedtime or after, 7 days a week. 2 days off in the last 2 months. It's been a long 6 months for me, with no end in sight.