Sunday, May 5, 2019


Another week has flown by! The kids have 3 weeks of school left... just 3 weeks! How is that possible?
Things are starting to wrap up and the end of school year crazy is happening. Scouts has 2 weeks left... guess I really need to sort badges and plan the bridging ceremony for next week. This week they are learning about Autism (one of the younger sisters in our troop who is now in the Daisy troop that meets with us has autism) and will make a swap and write a letter to a girl in a sister troop in Ohio... and give some input on their end of year ceremony next week.

Soccer has 2 more weeks. Awards ceremonies are the last week of school and an orientation to Aidan's new middle school next year is also that last week of school. 2 summer camps are scheduled and paid for (camp invention for both and horse day camp for Emily one week). I work from home about 20 hours a week...yup, summers are interesting but the kids are older now and more self sufficient so it should be ok. ( humor me with that thought anyway!)

Kids are being shuttled to Grandma's by Dad today. I hear he might have some project to do there today as well. I plan to take 1.5 hours and attempt to pick up and clean the house. Note to self.... smaller house next time!

Then it will be lunchtime and the afternoon is all for sewing today! I will be working on the graduation quilt - chevron in yellow and blue. I hope to get all the strips sewn and cut today to play with the layout. Tonight..... I'll curl up in my recliner with the binding stitching on the huge log cabin quilt. I have 2 sides done.... 2 sides to go (188 inches of binding)!

I might also pull out the hand quilting on my first basket on my quilt... unpin and cut out the basket backing on all of them. It is a wall hanging size so not too big. Lesson learned... always cut out behind if you plan to hand quilt! 

Linking up with Kathy and the other slow stitchers..... as I will get some slow stitching in today eventually!

Just rubbing it in a little for Mom - some photo's of the tomato plants overflowing with roma and cherry tomato's! I might have been having tomato with fresh basil and mozzarella the last few days =)

This one got planted out by the kids play area.

The angel trumpets are in bloom. This is the one by the tree through the fence. The one by the shed is also in bloom. 

Time to get dressed and start cleaning.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

tomatoes already :) yes I know your garden season is probably half way done already! May is flying by - I don't know when the last day of school is here with no kids in school I don't pay attention to it all that much - probably about the same as yours though as they usually get out towards the 3rd week or so of May depending on if there were snow days and I don't think they had any this year as I only remember a dusting of snow once or twice this winter

Kim said...

Summer holidays just around the fabulous! Your garden is beginning to thrive. Those tomatoes are in full swing, aren't they. Those baskets are pretty. Love all the different blues.

Quilter Kathy said...

Totally jealous of the fresh tomatoes!
Enjoy your hand stitching today!