Sunday, May 26, 2019

Slow Sunday.....

Well, not really but it should be a quiet day as the kids are now headed to Grandma's and silly woman offered to keep them overnight! We will get them tomorrow after we go over for a BBQ for the memorial day holiday in the US. Please remember all those who served in the military and made the greatest sacrifice. A big thank you to them and their families for their service.
Injured bald Eagle at the zoo yesterday
Since it is crazy busy the last couple weeks of school.... the house really needs a thorough pick up and cleaning..... the kids are out of clean clothes (yup - lots of laundry today and tomorrow) and heck, if I clean it today it will actually stay clean for a whole day until the kids get home tomorrow night! I might have gotten a wee bit teary eyed in the last car line pick up Friday - as I watched the 5th graders line up for the traditional last walk through the school. I saw Aidan go in... and yes the tears dropped. First time I have been teary eyed with a school drop off or finish or anything! He will be heading to middle school in August and Em has one last year at her elementary school.

My table next to my recliner - an orange umbrella is prepped, Tons of badges that need to be added to a girl scout vest and my quilting thread for the basket quilt. Now that things are finished up and evenings are FREE.... I should have energy to actually stitch to my hearts content and make some progress on projects. Yes Mom... I plan to sew on the graduation quilt today as well...... tick, tock on that deadline!

Linking up with the Slow Stitchers over at Kathy's Quilts. I do see breaks all day today after 20-30 minutes of 'working' to sit and stitch a bit. I require small rewards to do housework! =)

The temps are indicating summer in central Florida ... mid 90's yesterday not including the heat index. We did a trip to Gainesville in the morning with the girl scout troop to see the Planetarium - Florida Spring skies to finish off their badge and then walked over to the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo for a pet encounter experience and then a self guided tour of the zoo.

This guy was just hanging around on the wall and let a few of us take a photo. I do love butterfly's.

I was tired from being out in the heat for a few hours...... so rested a bit before dropping the boy to a friends pool party/graduation party. It was to get done at 6... but someone was still in the pool having fun so I headed back at 7:30. He was exhausted when he got home and after a shower went right to bed and slept for 12 hours! Emily took a nap after we got home at 2:30 from the zoo.....

In between all that (and a dip in the pool for an hour with Emily last night) I managed to finally get all my backings cut out from behind the hexagon flowers this month! Quite a stack of them and all those cut out parts to find something to do with!

I might have gone ahead of the RSC and stitched a bunch of pink already...... there are more to go though with some pink, purple, light and dark blue and brown!

For now.... black beans soaked over night and are now simmering on the stove. Guess that means the kitchen should be tackled first... since they kinda boiled over on me already! With no kids around to turn up their nose..... I'm planning fajita's and black beans and rice for a meal today! Yummy.


LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I taught 5th grade for all of my teaching career, and I often cried on the last day of school! It's a big transition for parents, too. Enjoy your periods of working and relaxing today - sounds like the perfect Sunday!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like the kids are growing up! I haven't tried making my own black beans well I did once I take that back and didn't like them - they got too mushy! understand about the oven getting a mess - I have some burnt stuff to take care of in the oven:(

Quilter Kathy said...

I found with my kids that middle school is a big change.
Enjoy your stitches today and of course you need rewards for all that work you're doing!

Kim said...

Summer holidays for the kids just around the bend, how fabulous! Graduating is always a little sad. Enjoy your dinner and a little hand stitching.

Frédérique said...

Enjoy having time to sew ;)