Thursday, May 2, 2019

Chevron Graduation quilt.....

 I guess I should probably start on the graduation quilt needed for next month! I have been collecting fabrics for this quilt over the last few months. The requested colors are yellow/gold with blue.... yellow/gold is the favorite color. She likes simple.... so the chevron pattern it is. I figured I'd do it in gradation and it will probably be a couple of strips of all these colors. I'm planning a twin size and will use the strip piecing on point layout rather than the half square triangles. Wish me luck! Of course..... I might switch it up and put a light yellow by a darker yellow for a couple too.... we will see what happens in the sewing room!

Someone was 'helping' me work yesterday.... Peanut cat.

Speaking of the cats... they truly are spoiled! They got a new climbing tree this week that the kids assembled for me. I was going to have it out on the back screened in porch.... but decided to put the 14 year old one out there and this one outside my office area. The cats tend to come and play for a few hours while I start my day then retire to the bedroom for their naps! We have another big one in the living room about twice this size the cats enjoy playing on as well. See, spoiled cats! 

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a good yarn said...

They are spoiled! Crazy Mom Quilts chevron is a clever pattern and so effective.