Monday, August 26, 2019

Monday progress.

I decided to test out the sewing machine yesterday. It still works!
I found this pile of parts from cutting out Emily's triangle quilt. I just paired them together and sewed. Then trimmed to 6.5 tall by whatever. Not sure how these will go together but time will tell. Maybe a little quilt for the kitties?

I had these half square triangles trimmed up and in a little they got sewn up too. I know I have more of them somewhere in the bins from trimming off the stars sample quilt I made. I think with a couple more I'll make a cute little wall hanging for my office or sewing room. These blocks are 3.5 inches.

It felt good to sew again.

I also did hand piecing.... the BOM is nearly done. Just need to cut and draw sewing lines for the last frame for this little guy. I like that I decided to hand piece this one. One block per month for the next few months over at Jacquelynne Steves website.

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Both of those projects look like a LOT of fun!!