Sunday, August 25, 2019


 This is what happens when I attempt to take photo's for the blog! Peanut thinks he needs to 'help' holding things down! Silly boy.
This is how far I have gotten on the BOM - Happy Little Things. I decided to hand piece this one as I have more waiting time than sewing machine time lately! I got the flying geese done in the car line. Lines are drawn and this one is ready to get pieced the next time I am waiting.
I grabbed the first 'clip' I saw. It was a binding clip. Great way to keep parts together.

 I also found block 1 from Save the Bees BOM...who know's maybe I'll actually finish this block sometime now that it is in the baggie of hand work. I might have found this while starting to go through things as I put things back in the sewing area!

 This is my take with me baggie of hand work. It contains the above 2 projects as well as my umbrella block parts for back basting applique. I think there is also an applique snowflake tucked in there from another project... just in case I might run out of anything to do!

I did have an issue on Friday. I had tucked my knitting needles and yarn into the car console. I have a bunch of stuff in there.... and when I tried to get it out.... I broke the tip off one of the bamboo needles! Bummer..... I love my bamboo needles. Since I have not 'found' the bag of knitting stuff, I opted to cast off this dish cloth half way. Hey - it will still wash the dishes just fine! Note to self - always buy 2 skeins of dish cloth yarn so I can make 3. One skein tends to make 1.5 dish cloths and I only remember to buy 1... so that second one is ...... colorful! I think instead of the console I'll grab a big zippered bag that I can tuck various projects in and just keep it in the passenger foot area. Must pack that bag up today and pop it into the car. I'll tuck the cross stitch and it's book in there as well. Never can have too many options available!

Linking up with the other Slow Sunday Stitchers. 

Saturday morning we split up a bit. I took Emily to horses while Dad took the boy to get a hair cut - out to lunch with some of his gift cards and they picked up some powdered sugar Emily needed to finish off the lemon frosting for her lemon cake she made Friday night. I heard from Aidan.... Dad was thinking she needed 5 pounds of powdered sugar (5 cups in reality) and was putting 5 bags of it into the cart! Aidan just looked at him and asked what he was doing? He realized his mistake and they got 2 bags and put the rest back on the shelf! Silly boys.  We did find out some great news. Emily's riding instructor had to move quickly back in June and relocated about 35 minutes from us and had to leave behind the covered arena. We are in Florida. It rains and is HOT.  It was feels like 97 degrees at 10AM yesterday. Em was dripping sweat and red faced when she was done at 10:50. Liz just signed a lease for a covered arena 5 minutes from us! I fear my girl is going to be having a second home at the barn helping out very soon.

Prince was waiting for her when we got there to get his rub down and then get all saddled up for riding.

He got a bath after and then she put him out in the field when she was done her lesson. 


Karrin Hurd said...

Love your stitchery and blocks. Sorry about your bamboo needles. I love mine too!


I am so glad that they have to actually take care of the horse too and not just ride--
and if they had come home with 5 bags of sugar-I would of seen alot of baking in that house going on!!!!
Always good to have lots of projects to pick from--and a bummer about breaking a needle--did you get a new set???
luv, di
oh--it was cold enough here yesterday that I had to turn the heat on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deb A said...

Yes, Liz teaches horse care so they have to brush before and after and then hose off if they are the last lesson with that horse. She can saddle him herself and remove it and put everything away. Em loves to go get them from the field and put them back when done - although Prince is tough to catch. She has learned a lot about horses by doing and her own research.... she really wants a horse!

Jill said...

Nicely organized for sewing on the go. Sorry about your knitting needle, hope you can find another, however, the non-broken one will have a patina.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Great news about the COVERED arena!!! Nice job on gathering the To Go work, too. I appreciate the fact that you included a variety of projects. No getting bored and no running out of things to do while you wait!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Oh thank goodness for the new covered arena, and just 5 minutes away, too. I'm always so impressed at all you do in that heat! Portable hand piecing is the best - I've loved learning how to do it so I can sew anywhere!