Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Prep work and pets

I did some prep work yesterday. I cut out and marked one full block below and the color parts for a second block. I am just grabbing from the scrap bins and trying to not have too many of the same colors in one block. 

Since the chickens were getting so much attention - I snapped a photo of the 3 cats sleeping this morning. Sophie in the chair, Peanut by the window and Ollie is in the cat basket under the frame. 

The chickens were out in the run for a bit this morning and Emily decided to pick one up and she decided to perch on her shoulder. I think this was Emma.

They are getting bigger. They will be 5 weeks tomorrow since we got them.

We had them outside for a few hours this afternoon.... and then it started raining... not too bad so I said they were fine. Then it started pouring... so the kids decided they needed to come in. Emily was carrying 2 in a box... and the bottom got wet and they dropped! I had to run out in the pouring rain and gather one of them while she got the other. I guess the coop needs to get finished up tomorrow so they have a place to go when it rains! Looks like a weather system is heading to Florida this weekend so I want to make sure they can be safe inside their coop when it is raining (and out of the living room!). 
We are inland on the gulf coast side so not worried about this storm. Probably just rain if anything and we get that daily with some good t-storms anyway right now!

Someone wants cookies - so my assistance is needed in the kitchen for some chocolate no bake cookies.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I used to make chocolate no bake cookies all the time - I haven't made them in years. The chickens look like they keep you all busy. Block looks difficult!

Julierose said...

Pretty blocks--they look challenging ....

Gosh, chickens in the rain--I never even thought about that problem...glad to hear that the storm may just be a rainmaker for you...I think we may get rain remnants over the weekend, too. Good, we need some badly.
My lilies are thriving and pushing out blooms every day...I go out every morning and snap off the spent blooms and just look in awe at the deep camera just won't pick up the depth of it...So life-affirming--just what we need right now.

Stay safe --do you think that maybe the "Chicken Little" story came from keeping them out of the rain--although around here it DOES feel like the sky is falling, doesn't it? ;000
~ ~ ~ waving in the dense fog Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Those are such pretty blocks! Love that you're making them in all the colors. Did you make templates for the different pieces? Cute picture with the chicken on Emily's shoulder! I think I've read that chickens do like attention and affection. Maybe your cats are feeling neglected? :) You could send some of that rain this way! Hot and dry here.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Staring a new project, are you? LOL! I kept wondering why the chicken coop was taking so long to build. Little did I know that you guys were building a chicken castle!!!

a good yarn said...

Chickens are great value. They eat grubs, you can eat their eggs, use their waste & straw for the garden and they are endlessly entertaining.