Sunday, July 5, 2020

Summer UFO 2020 Challenge projects.

I decided to join in over at The Joyful Quilters Summer UFO Challenge. The goal is to pick at least 5 projects that you would like to get finished off by the last day of September. It sounds like as long as you finish ONE... you are good! Between the OMG and trying to actually finish some quilts the second half of this year I figured I might as well throw in the hat and give it a shot!

Since technically a UFO - is an UnFinished Object..... I'm throwing in some I actually plan to work on this month... and a bunch of others in case the mood strikes (see, I learned from you Joy!).

1.) Umbrella Quilt - currently being hand quilted. ***Finished July 24,2020***

2.) Hoarfrost - Needs 3 snowflakes, to be pieced together and borders pieced and made. **Top completed July 2020. 

3.) Cat and Mice - loaded on the frame to be quilted.

4) Save the Bees - I ***think I have 2 rectangles done, one in process and I don't know where the pattern for the bee is so I'll need to be creative. I do remember doing the hexagon part and I found the top right flower in process of being appliqued.

5) Midget Applique - blocks are together. I want to add an applique border onto the 5 inch yellow of some kind.

6) VQF quilt is a top

7.) 2018/19? RSC quilt.... yes the bottom right has been fixed. **Completed quilting and bound Aug 23.

8.) Baby boy magic stars/iSpy quilt.  *** Finished July 12 ****

9.) Bittersweet Briar.... I have the kit and the book instructions. Will this be the time that I finally decide to work on it? It appears this one actually needs to be started to be included in the list..... So I'm going to start it by doing the first part - cut and sew the background square that the pretty applique will be added to this afternoon! 

First cut made! It's officially started with the 40.5 inch background cut!

10) Hand Pieced Quilt Along. I think I want to add a  blue border and hand quilt.

11.) Book Club - hand pieced this year.... so it will require hand quilting as well. 

12.) Purple hearts need to become something!

The extremely sad part is I have a whole slew of other UFO's hanging around but we will see if maybe a few of these can get finished off in the next few months.


canuckquilter said...

I clearly have not been following along well, because there are so my projects here that I'm seeing for the first time. I can't pick a favourite, but that cat and mouse one is adorable! I'm also looking forward to seeing your version of Hoarfrost.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Awesome, Deb! I'm SEW glad that you'll be heading over to Ravelry to sign-up for the Summer 2020 UFO Club at the Quilters Knitting group. Let me know if you have any trouble and I can link your project list for you! Just a couple of adjustments to be made... quilting UFOs only for this group and you will need to start or drop that kit by the Tuesday night sign-up deadline.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the Bittersweet Briar - I think I have that pattern - I know every time I see someone post this I have to go look and see if I have the pattern - I am pretty sure I am thinking of this one - Kim Diehl?

a good yarn said...

That's enough projects to keep me busy for 5 years let alone 5 months! They are all gorgeous and I'm sure you'll tackle a good portion of them. Umbrellas is looking really good.

Julierose said...

All such lovely projects ready for finishing up...I am trying to finish as many as i can--on a mission here, I guess...
Prepped my Monet's Garden this morning and it's ready to be hand quilted...Blue Butterfly nas become Poor Butterfly-- --need a break from all those "x's" which have begun moving before my eyes...;000
~ ~ ~waving before my little afternoon nap~ ~ ~ Julierose

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You have lots of pretty projects to work on, Deb! I love the midget applique - so many cute blocks. Which will you work on first?

Snowcatcher said...

You have so many beautiful projects! Great name, too. ;) I will be looking forward to your finishes on Ravelry!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for linking to the Fall 2020 (Ravelry) UFO Club, Deb! Here's hoping that it will be another successful for you. Happy finishing!