Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Not much new. I have been spending way too much time watching the numbers in my area go up. Must turn off the computer!  Sigh..... At least Peanut is able to sleep all comfy in his bed on my desk while I am at work. It is rough being a cat you know!

While searching I found a mask pattern over at JoyfulQuilter that I've been wanting to try.  I have 3 masks for me know. So one can stay in the car while the others are washed with one for my purse. The kids insist they only need the one.... but I am thinking they each will get another to have at Grandma's house. This one has a surprise top and bottom that 'open up' and cover the nose and chin. I added a 4.5 inch pipe cleaner... hey, we had extra green clover leafs from Thinking Day so I put one to use in this. It helped keep the nose part in place against my face. We will see how it does through the wash. A tip - I use pipe cleaners to clean out the area below my bobbin each time I wind it. They are good at picking up lint from the machine. They also can get twisted and thrown onto the floor as a cat toy when you need someone to move out of the way of the needle!

I sewed up this little baby after work today and took it for a test drive at a trip to Publix to pick up a prescription and some veggies for 'Emliy's' meal tomorrow night  - roasted veggie and sausage pasta - a Melissa D'arabian recipe. Aidan's pick tonight was burgers on the foreman with coleslaw (I tried a new 'healthier recipe'... lets just say I was the only one that ate that!) and a Kansas cucumber salad. Emily turned up her nose and pulled out some popcorn chicken and popped that in the oven and had it with some honey mustard sauce (a little yellow mustard, a little honey and stir!).  Yesterday I had pulled out some frozen carnitas meat to go with some rice and refried beans.  Seems the kids didn't care for it as much leftover..... I told them there is one more package in the freezer and I got 'the look' from both of them! I thought it was pretty darn good again. I finished thawing it under the broiler and that sauce was great on the white rice. Yum. Seems I am the only one that eats leftovers in my house!

Waiting for the temps to drop a couple degrees into the 80's. (93 and feels like 103 right now at 6:30PM) to take a little walk. Think I'll go prep a snowflake for applique while I wait.


Julierose said...

Watching the news is very depressing and makes me nervous; so many
mixed messages. Scarey the # of cases that are rising. Tomorrow I go to the dentist--then I'll be good for another 6 mos.
Stay safe down there julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

no recipe for the coleslaw! I am looking for a healthier version - I have tried one like the cucumber salad you shared but mine had Greek yogurt instead of mayo
I watch the news and then wish I hadn't - stay safe your numbers in Florida or rising so fast - our numbers in my county are rising to and still so many are skeptical and say it is a hoax - I don't get that - what is a hoax of people over crowding hospitals and some dying or sick for weeks on end - they will not believe it until it happens to they or a loved one

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

That's a good looking mask! I haven't tried that pattern, but like the idea of the flap that goes over your nose. I made some using twist ties (flattened) in a little "pocket" over the nose, and you can bend them to fit. Thanks for the tip about using pipe cleaners around the bobbin area. Wonder if I have any around here? That cucumber salad sounds yummy!

SusanfromKentucky said...

There's a very good coleslaw mix that Dole has out. Low calories (I love it!) It's in with the bagged salads at the store. It's called Slawsome Sweet Apple. So yummy!