Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tiny Tuesday #31

Ok, this one was a bear. I really want to know how the heck this was done by hand by anyone.......
It is not perfect but I am so calling this one done. Part of the problem... a boy who was not feeling 100% Saturday when I made this and wanted to watch me work on it. Nope... that just didn't work. Then..... I read the directions through earlier this week and thought I was to piece the middle 4 together first. Big OOPS! After I had done that and had my first corner part together I read that I was to attach one of the middle parts to make it a square so they would go together easier. Yup.. I ended up with 4 partial seams. Not fun.
Oh well, live and learn and I will be reading the paper piecing directions a few more times and as I put it together for the next ones coming up.
This one has 64 pieces in a finished 4.5 inch block. #31 - Painted Star of many points.

I am so happy to be moving onto #32 for next week. I'm going to give hand piecing a shot with that one. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow - it does look really intricate! Good for you for persevering and getting it done. I am glad that you are trying to do some hand-piecing - it does get easier although on these little blocks it still can be quite challenging.

  2. It looks pretty good to me - well done. Onwards -lol xxx

  3. Congratulations! It is never easy to mix set in seams with paper piecing, but yours looks great. Love your color choices.

  4. Looks nice, VERY DIFFICULT, but a pretty block. I would never think about trying to make one so my hats of the you for a job well done.