Thursday, March 29, 2012

Midget Block 33

#33 is Merry Go Round.
This is paper pieced and I still got the middle parts off a bit. Oh well... I am not redoing this one.
This one has 52 pieces in it. I did forget to put the orange in between the blues... I guess my O for Orange looked like the C for cream...

#34 is Rocky Glen... and I worked on it this morning before heading out to story time. In my hurry I did an oops when putting it together. I may just redo this one..... we'll have to wait and see. This one has 64 pieces in it.

1 comment:

soscrappy said...

I think both blocks look great! I keep saving the redo blocks for later, but the longer I wait, the less I feel the need to redo. Maybe at the very end I will reassess.