Friday, March 9, 2012

A completed top!

I was able to get a little sewing in this afternoon and now have my Jacobs Ladder quilt to a completed top stage! It is raining and dreary out so another inside picture. Excuse the waves on the borders.... they'll get tamed when I press it and straighten it out for pinning later this weekend.

Now I must go start dinner. I'm going Greek tonight and found this recipe for a Greek Orzo salad at I'm going to add some grilled shrimp on top and maybe some 'carrots'. That's what Aidan calls them - really they are asparagus and he picked them out at the farm stand this morning. Em wanted tomato's... and I got to have a tomato sandwich for lunch. Yum...nothing like fresh picked tomato's.


  1. Looks GREAT. The dark border really makes this quilt POP! Most excellent job!

  2. Looks beautiful and the green border is perfect!

  3. Your jacobs ladder quilt is absolutely stunning! I love the colours. Dinner sounds nice as well!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.