Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's March!

SoScrappy was thinking ahead and posted that Pink is the scrappy color for March in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I was wide awake on Monday night/Tuesday morning so I decided to go cut some fabrics. I pulled some pink and cut out the pieces to make three of the pinwheel blocks this month. I also cut some 7.25 inch squares of cream and green to make some hourglass blocks for my 9 patches. I have two of them done and the rest are in progress. I'll just finish the hourglass blocks up and put them together in a drawer until I'm in the mood to work on that one again. At least I'll have all the blocks ready to put together.

Last night, I got to have a date with my hubby! We went out for dinner after we closed the store for the night and had a wonderful meal at the Olive Garden. I just love their food and my Mediterranean Chicken was wonderful. A big thanks to My MIL for watching the kids for me yesterday afternoon on short notice and feeding them dinner so we could go out.

Today, while putting things away to clean up the sewing room for company I pulled out the pieces for the pinwheel blocks. I made three of them this month to add to the pinwheel pile. That was my 'reward' for clearing out that room and organizing my projects to work on while my parents are here.

I pulled a pink top I completed last year for the challenge and hope to get it pinned while they are here so I can quilt it up next week or the week after. I have the backing made I just need to cut some batting off the roll for this one.

I also want to put the Jacobs Ladder blocks together. I decided to keep it at the current size and just add an inner border of cream from my stash and then an outer border of green leftover from the hourglass blocks above. The binding I'll cut strips of my greens and have it be scrappy. I hope to get the top together and pinned over the next week.

The other project... is the graduation quilt. I now have the blocks for a 5x7 setting. I am starting the diamonds for the border using the leftover HST's. The goal is to have this to the point of needing the outer border by mid March so I can try and get it pinned when my parents come back the end of the month. If I can get through most of these things during the month, I'll be doing great.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!


Sheila said...

Lovely quilt and pink blocks! I love pink! Yah for March :D

soscrappy said...

Happy match! Love the pink flimsy. So nice to be able to pull it out almost done-- talk about instant gratification.

Ellen said...

Busy, busy, busy! The pink flimsy looks darned cute and your pinwheels in pink look darned cute too!

Sarah said...

I love your pinwheels. Im doing something similar for my rainbow challenge but my pinwheels aren't quite as intricate!

Cathy Tomm said...

Wow you have lots on the go for March. The pin wheels are looking great.