Saturday, March 24, 2012

Progress and a package...

I made some progress and a decision on the Starburst quilt for the graduation girl. I have the diamond borders on.... and you'll see from the picture that yes, I didn't have enough of the diamonds and did not want to make more of them. So.... there are 4 black squares in the corners. I am just going to add one more outer border and call it ready for quilting. I am going to do the sides of the quilt about 2.5 or 3 inches and then the top and bottom at 5.5 inches. The binding will be about 10 or 11 inch lengths of each of the bright colors going around the quilt. That's the final decision! Here is the quilt so far without the outermost borders on.

I also got a package in the mail...from Connecting Threads.

Yippee. I got a lot for my $56 dollars. 3 different colors with 3 yards each - blue, chocolate and a pebble. These will be used in the Sow along quilt that Randy is hosting. I'm a little late joining but will plan to start that one next week after I wash the fabric up. I also got some single yard cuts - a chocolate floral that goes well with the sow along quilt, a blue cornflower leaf pattern that coordinates with the above and a brown pioneer marble... that could also be used in the quilt. I'd like to keep it solids and see how it turns out with just the three colors above.... we'll see once I start looking at the patterns. I also got two threads..... and need to decide which one I'll use to quilt up the green Jacobs Ladder quilt. I think either would work well.

All in all a very productive day last Friday.


Angie said...

Love the colors in your Starburst quilt! It's one of my favorite patterns and I always enjoy seeing different quilters' interpretations of the color scheme!

soscrappy said...

Great looking quilt. I like the solid corners a lot. Enjoy the new quilt along, it looks like a fun one.