Monday, March 12, 2012

Pink.... a little late.

Well, after pulling out that pink top from a previous post... I know why it was in that stage. It just didn't feel 'done'. It was square and with the light border it just seemed off. So.... to make it a little longer I added some pink to the top and bottom and need to find more of the cream fabric to put a 2.5 inch row on the top and bottom to frame them up again.

Then....the outer border decision. Do I go scrappy - thinking 4.5x7 inch blocks of various pinks along the outside.... or just a plain print fabric and call it done. Thoughts? I have strips cut out at 4.5 of various pinks from the above border that would frame the quilt for the outer border. I am leaning towards scrappy.... since I don't have enough of any darker pink from my stash to create a single plain border.

I've also been working on these 'diamond' blocks for a border on the Starburst quilt.

Go on over to Soscrappy and see what everyone else is up to in the rainbow scrap challenge.


Ellen said...

I don't have a solution for you about the border but I think you came up with a great idea for your "square" problem.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I like the diamond cute! I think a scrappy border on the other 2 sides would be perfect!
Quilting by the River

Edith said...

I'm liking both of your 'pink' posts, my vote is for a scrappy border.

Char said...

The quilt looks great, I love what you did.