Friday, March 2, 2012

Breakfast.... baked french toast!

Years ago a friend of mine went to Minnesota to visit her daughter and knowing I love cookbooks she brought this back to me.

I flipped through the book and saw the baked french toast recipe.

I admit... it is the only thing I have made out of this book but boy is it yummy. I tend to make this at least once a month and it warms up well in the microwave the next morning. As a single person it would be about 3-4 days breakfast for me and sometimes a lunch or two.

This morning Aidan got up early (6:17 he was climbing into bed with us) so it was a good day to make this. He helped wisk the eggs, measured the 2 cups of milk and added it and then mixed the eggs, milk and vanilla. I did the bread part after he greased the pan with butter for me. He also added the raisins and improvised by adding some to the top layer too. Little sister was still sleeping so she just gets to eat today.

This is the result as I pulled it out of the oven.... so yummy.

Just showing a picture of the strawberries I got yesterday.

We made a batch of freezer jam last night and after we bring the recycling to the recycle center we'll pop to a roadside stand and get a few more lemons to make another batch or two this morning. I can't wait to plant my lemon/lime tree this weekend and hopefully I can just pick it from the back yard in a few years. But.... mix and match 4 for a dollar is a wonderful price! Then...... this afternoon Mom and Dad arrive from Vermont for a week. They will be down in Florida for a month but will be wandering around the state and checking in with us a couple of times. They had just hit South Carolina when I called them yesterday around 4. They should arrive after Emmy's nap this afternoon. The kids are so excited to see them... and show them our new digs down here in Florida.
Have a great Friday everyone.


Ellen said...

Sounds like you had some wonderful one-on-one time with your son. My boys loved baking with me when they were little - now they just love it when I bake!

Sheila said...

Looks delicious!
I'm loving your tiny block adventures. I'm all thumbs so I like to watch.
Thought I don't always leave comments, please know I enjoy reading your post entries.