Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jacobs Ladder blocks...

Some progress has been made. I laid out the blocks a couple of ways and took pictures.

Excuse Miss Sophie who decided she had to test out the blocks.

I decided on this setting and started sewing the rows together. Then I noticed that I had two of the blocks turned wrong and had them wrong when I took the first pictures. Never do this after 9PM at night!

I was able to unpick those two last night and hope to get them sewn correctly on today. Heck... maybe I can get the rows pressed and sewn together too. Then a small cream inner border and a larger green border.

The borders will be using the same fabrics in these hourglass blocks that I was able to finish this week. I laid out the nine patches with the hourglass blocks and decided I need 6 more of the 9 patch blocks.

Now that I am caught up on the midgets I really need to pull out the next one and get working on that so I am set for next week.
So far... not enough sewing going on and no quilts pinned and ready for sewing. Maybe I can have Aidan help me during his afternoon quiet time on Thursday to get the pink one pinned. Baby steps.

For now, I've got to go into the store this afternoon to meet with the accountant and tomorrow we might go to a Tractor show in Leesburg for a couple of hours with Grammy and Papa. Then they'll head along their way for a week before they come back next Wednesday to kid sit for us while we go to a seminar in the evening.

At least we got the kids pictures taken yesterday so they will be ready for pickup next Friday, plenty of time to spare so things are all set to send up to Vermont with Grammy and Papa when they drive home at the end of the month. The kids did cooperate and we got some great pictures of them... just makes the decision part a lot harder when they all come out good!

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Ellen said...

Your layout looks great! I haven't decided mine yet but I think it will be the same.