Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Midget Tuesday

I got a chance to sew on Sunday night while the rain was pouring down and put together #46 - Dancing Star. Hopefully the rain comes to an end sometime this week - at this point we have over 5 inches Sunday night around 9:30PM. There was 10 inches on the monitor when I woke up on Monday morning.  Lots more expected in the next day or two.
Stay dry!


  1. Gorgeous block and perfectly pieced. Oh my it is small. I like the picture of it in your hand to show off just how tiny it really is. Impressive!

  2. Very nice work! Must be a nice collection by now. I hope you will post a group shot soon.

  3. Just gorgeous! Your blocks are getting better and better. I have found that making these little blocks have certainly taught me so much - they have definitely helped me develop new skills.

  4. Great block! And I'm glad you got the package! :)


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