Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nap time sewing....

They both needed naps and I needed sewing time today. So.... I did 5 more of the free form log cabin blocks and now have these 9 blocks that will finish at 12 inches each. This is growing nicely and I should be able to have a nice size quilt by mid next month to try and get quilted.
I was not going to put any black in there..... but I kept finding some in the pile so I decided if I sprinkle it in among a bunch of the blocks it should look ok.
Tomorrow is purple sewing day.... birds in the air or pineapple blocks?
For now... the plans for pizza on the grill tonight is scrapped since there are thunder storms passing through and looks like rain for the next few hours. Guess it will be a bake in the oven night.
Better wake the kids and then start the pizza dough.


Sheila said...

I like the black strips in some of the squares. It pops, as does the red centers and even the whites. Very nice. Would probably look nice with a funky black and white strip binding to finish.

Ellen said...

Your blocks are coming along beautifully.

Kristie said...

The black blends well with all of the other fabrics. Your blocks are coming along nicely. How big are you making it?