Friday, June 22, 2012


I got back in the sewing room today after I got the kids down for very late naps. I had called to set up a play date yesterday but with the rain coming in she countered with Chuck E Cheese this morning. We met at 11 and left when there were lots of kids and the noise got to Emily around 1:20. Made for cranky kids and a very late nap. While they slept...... I got to sew!

So I finished up the 6 log cabin blocks I started a few days ago and now have 15. I am thinking I am half done and 30 blocks at 12.5 unfinished will make a nice sized quilt with a 5x6 setting. What do you think? It is for a wedding present and not for a bed per say. Do you think the 60x72 is big enough?

I also cut out more strips for the pineapple blossom block and have enough right now to have 16 completed blocks. Hopefully I can do some sewing this evening and get 4 or 8 blocks done to add to the completed 8 already done. I just might be able to get another 4 blocks out of the fabric for a 20 - 12.5 unfinished blocks to set 4x5. We'll see.

Off to make dinner for some very cranky kids. Shrimp and broccoli Alfredo with some tomato, cuke, pepper and scallions in a balsamic vinegar dressing on the side.  Yummy.


  1. Looking great. Sounds like a perfect size. Sounds like nap time was productive again.

  2. Your log cabin is looking wonderful. You are getting so much done in the short time you have spare!

  3. The size sounds great for a 'cuddle on the couch' quilt. You are doing a great job at directing your spare time to sewing. Something I really need to work on doing!