Thursday, June 28, 2012

A package!

Thanks so much to Jill at DarlingJillQuilts for this nice package of fabrics I got in the mail on Tuesday. Sorry I am just posting about it as I got the mail late that night and worked a 12 hour day yesterday at the store. She sent me these lovely fabrics I'm going to use on my midget blocks for my Tiny Tuesdays.  You'll be seeing these pop up in my upcoming Midget blocks I'm sure. They are really pretty lilac, green, cream and maroons.

I am realizing it is getting to be the end of the month and I have not done my Quilt Square Along yet.....

The corn and beans one at the top is what Jo picked for this month.  I really should cut out those 96 blocks and subcut them into triangles this afternoon.... but I think housework will come first today.... darn it. The floors need mopping and a good vacuum and I have  a big house. Hopefully the kiddo's go down good and I can get that done quickly (after picking up all the morning adventures spilled all over) and then have some time to sew or cut fabrics.
Here is the living room - this is what happens when I chat on the phone with my Mom! The kids decided to pretend it was my birthday and these are all my presents wrapped in quilts, newspaper and what ever else they found.

If I don't work on the QSA block...... There are 4 pineapples cut and ready to sew and some log cabins that need the last log or two before trimming up. So many choices.... so little time!

On another note - we weeded our little garden this morning before the sun hit it and pulled out a bunch of things. I left the corn and the scallions but everything else was past or got picked. The beets are cooking up on the stove top. The beans are washed and in the fridge.  I'll replant some cucumbers, zucchini and beans tomorrow morning. I plan to put in some winter squash around September.  We got a good amount of beans from the last planting before they dried up on me. We did pick a few of the corn and the kids wanted a corn snack this morning - I didn't remind them they were a veggie! I picked 4 but Aidan was already eating one before I could cook them up.

Off to pick up so maybe I can get some sewing done after a little house work.


Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oooh what a cute lil' pattern, can't wait to see your quilts from it. The corn looks great, I didn't grow any this year! Just pupmkins and beans...too hard to get outside with a 1 year old but maybe next year. :)

Cyn said...

Nice fabrics. They will look great in your Midget Blocks.
Love the "disaster area" in the living room... sure takes me back a few decades to when my kidlets were little and played pretend games.
Housework? A friend of mine once gave me a good tip on WHEN it was time to mop the floors and it goes like this: If you can walk across the floors and your feet don't stick, then mopping can wait! My friend was very colorful! lol

Ellen said...

Lovely fabric - perfect for your Midget Blocks. The mess reminds me of my boys when they were little and used to make forts from the the couch cushions and blankets.

I was supposed to get out in the garden early this morning but now it is too hot. So, like any self-respecting quilter I am heading into my sewing room instead - woohoo!