Friday, June 1, 2012

Sow along blocks

Ok, it is just me or is the word verify getting really difficult today? I admit, if I don't get it on the first try I am not leaving a comment.

I did get one of the Sow along blocks done on Thursday afternoon and got another 3 or 4 cut out and all ready to go. I was able to sew two more together this morning.

They are:
Papa's Birds, Basket and Sickle.

And a picture of all mine so far. I am way behind but I know the instructions will be out there for when I get to them. 

A very rainy day..... after 8 inches from Beryl earlier this week we are in a band of rain that has been going since the wee hours of the morning. An inside day for us... especially after a neighbor pulled into the yard and ran to the door last night and said - be careful - see that rattlesnake coming onto your front yard! He knows sometimes we go out and the kids ride bikes in the front driveway after dinner while waiting for Daddy to get home from the store. I am terrified of snakes and watched him come closer to the house. I did call the police department who said they would call animal control. I never got a call back and no one ever came. I just hope he slithered on his way overnight. When I described it to G when he got home he said it was a diamondback rattlesnake. I am going to wack the bushes with a stick before I go and deadhead flowers in the future! The joys of living in Florida. 
On a rainy day, so far the living room has been set up as Thomas the train's Sodor and that kept them busy for a couple of hours between setting it all up and then playing. We've done their HIPPY lessons and played some games. They've played with Mommy's quilt blocks and we've read some books. They played some hide and seek - so funny to watch as they count to five fast and then go find each other. Usually the one hiding says - come find me I'm behind the chair! Too funny to watch.  Lunch is done for them... is it nap time yet?


scraphappy said...

What a busy day. The rain has us all holed up inside as well, though mine are all off entertaining themselves. There is something so sleepy and relaxing about a nice rainy day. Enjoy.

scraphappy said...

Oh, forgot to say, the two color combination of your blocks is quite nice. Gives it lots of variety while still looking very tailored and planned.

Sheila said...

I agree. I like the 2 color them you have going in these little blocks.
The word verification comment 'game' is becoming more challenging. Sometime I take it personally and just keep on trying so I can't say it stumped me. Guess I need a life :D

Kristie said...

I agree, sometimes those word verify things drive me crazy!

Loving your blocks! I am behind too. One good thing about being behind is if anyone runs into a problem then most times it is figured out by the time you get to it. LOL!

The rain has finally passed over us here in KY but they are calling for more Sunday.

Ellen said...

I love your colour combo - you are going to have a very nice quilt! I am working on my blocks for this quilt-along at my own pace too.

Cathy Tomm said...

Your block are looking great. Two colours are working. I am more behind then you are. I just started last week. Laughing at your joys of living in Florida Snakes, try 7 months of snow. We have very few snakes some rattlers, I have yet to see a wild rattler more in southern Alberta.