Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiny Tuesday....

I actually finished this one this afternoon. This is #43 Sawtooth.

I decided to do blue instead of the pinks in the directions. It is not perfect but I am calling it done. Lots of little parts in this one - 45 I believe - and then all paper pieced together. I decided to number them before I cut them out so I would know how they go together and I am very glad I did. 8 parts across the top, 8 parts on the bottom and then the middle.  I cut them out on Saturday and started them... and then after 2 days of working they were all piled on top of each other when I saw them this morning. I think someone got into my sewing room over the last 2 days! This is our first week on a new schedule so we are adjusting things a bit. Now most of our staff including my husband have a 5 day work week with 2 days off together. I swapped our HIPPY day to get our lesson plans from Monday to Tuesday and I think everything is falling into place nicely.
Tomorrow is Grandma day and she has requested they arrive before 9:15 and she wants the van for the day with their car seats so we'll swap cars. She would not share what she had planned, even with me so it should be interesting when I pick them up tomorrow night to see what they did. I have plans to get a few groceries on the way home and then head to the sewing room and pin the Jacobs Ladder quilt and then get it quilted. If that gets done... then I have a little paperwork to do so I can finish off  month end and mail that to the accountant on the way to pick them up. I also have to prep a package to head north for a bunch of family things going on the next few weeks. There is a bridal shower next weekend for my cousin who is getting married the weekend after which happens to be the same day my niece is graduating from high school. It is also my parents anniversary and my nephews birthday on Friday and I think Fathers Day is that Sunday. A very busy 15,16 and 17th of June in my family. Both my brothers were also born in June... so it is a busy month in my family. Might be why none of us were married that month! We all selected April, May, July and me in September!
I'd better go cut the batting while I can so I am all set for tomorrow. The front and back are already rolled onto the boards and ready to go. First I need to make some bread dough with Aidan so we can bake it off later today.


Kristie said...

Lovely block! I like the blue better than the pink, I'm not really a "pink" person.

Sounds like you have a busy week planned.

scraphappy said...

Some blocks are definitely harder than others. Glad you got it done though, sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy this month.

Ellen said...

Another great block! Some of these little blocks are more challenging than others but they are all fun to work on.

Cyn said...

You go, girl! This is a great block.
And, yummo, I can almost smell that bread clear over here! *g*

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great block! You have passed me by! Good luck with the quilting!