Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilting Day!

As yesterday was my Wednesday 'off' - Thanks so much Grandma for taking the kids! - I got to sew!!!!!!
I dropped them off before 9 in the morning and then headed to the store to get some supplies for the kitchen while I was kid free. Got everything put away and then had some lunch.... and then into the sewing room.
First I had to cut the batting for the quilt. A quick measure of the width of the top and I was set to pin the Jacobs Ladder quilt. I roll the top and bottom onto two separate boards and then roll out a little of the backing onto my banquet table, then the batting and smooth it down. Then I roll the top onto it and smooth it again. Then I pin. Saves me the pain in the back from trying to do it on the floor and I think I had this 60x70 quilt pinned in about 20 minutes.

 I use my batting from a roll of warm and natural that I purchased before Aidan was born.... so it is at least 4-5 years old, maybe more. I was thinking ahead and purchased it while I had $ coming in from working.

Next I grabbed some water, turned on the radio and started quilting! This one didn't take me nearly as long as the graduation quilt. I just did some loops with some 5 petal flowers thrown in here and there. I had stopped at a local Viking dealer on the way home and picked up some Sulky cotton variegated thread in green for the top of this quilt. I also got a pretty pink one that I will probably use for the pink X quilt that still needs quilting. Some FQ's flew into the bag along with some 90 needles for quilting. The FQ's are brights blue and green... a start for next year's graduation quilt.

After I squared it off and trimmed off the edges of the quilt I realized I never made the binding for this one. So.... I grabbed the two piles of greens from the closet and cut some strips off of them to make the binding. I had just enough time to sew the strips together and iron it and sew it to the top. This is the quilted top with part of the binding sewn down and Miss Em this morning. I'll show a better picture tomorrow once the binding is all done.

Then it was quickly run out between the rain drops and plant some day lilies that my father-in-law brought over on Monday. I have no clue what color they will be but the bulbs are much bigger than anything I have ever planted before. He split his off but these look like a big onion on the bottom with a typical day lily top. I'll have to wait and see what color they are when they bloom.
So, that was my Wednesday off. Since I didn't (forgot) to throw a chuck roast into the crock pot after lunch I stopped at KFC on the way home and picked up dinner. It was a 10 piece meal with 2 sides and 2 extra sides free. I think we'll have that for a few lunches the next couple of days.... although the kids went through half the coleslaw themselves so that side is almost gone.
Today....... the house needs cleaning and the kids need to get out and run around since it has been inside days with all the rain and thunderstorms the last couple of days. For now... time to shower and then skype with my sister up in Vermont.
Have a great day.


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Great job on getting the quilting done! You sure make great use of your time when the kids have a grandma day!

soscrappy said...

That was a lot to get done in a day! Jacobs ladder looks great. So many pretty greens:).

soscrappy said...

That was a lot to get done in a day! Jacobs ladder looks great. So many pretty greens:).

Anonymous said...

I love looking at your blog! You're so productive! Jeb

Cyn said...

Gee whiz that was a LOT to get done in one day! Impressive. Your quilt is really nice. I like it!